Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A glance back at my January

When I say this new year started with a BANG, I didn't realize back then that it literally will.  This is the last day of January and I'm almost blown away by the resonating blast of the very first month of 2012:

*Husband fired from his job.  They started with laying off many employees and then started firing some of them.  He was 3 minutes late from his break.  He's filing unemployment.

*Wonderful news from my daughter Sisilia is that she is getting ready to go on her mission.  One of the best news I can ever hope for.

*Husband starts taking his insulin shots now.  He has severe gout, arthritis and diabetes.  Been down in bed for the past 3 weeks. 

*My son Mahonrai was hospitalized for a whole week with Pneumonia and some kind of bacteria in his blood.  Came home with a Picc line and that was removed last Thursday.

*My daughter Sisilia was asked to sing in California so we were both sent tickets to fly there for the past weekend as I play the piano for her.  It was a breath of fresh air.  

*My daughter Patiola had to go into urgent care last night because we thought she had breast cancer.  She complained of pain on her left breast so we took her in just to be told its eczema.  (phew what  a relief)  My mom has breast cancer and we wanted to make sure.

*I found my girls mashing Plantain bananas for pancakes instead of ripe bananas.   (Mele and Sil)  My other daughter Patiola poured dry flour into the boiling water thinking it'll turn into "topai".  One of our favorite Tongan dish.  Thus confirmed to me that they will be lousy cooks just like their mother.  

*My son started working on his Mix tapes and is totally focused on it.  For a while there I thought his talent was going down the drain.

*Good news, we finally got our W2s so we're filing our tax.  Woo hoo.  Finally some extra money to give us a breathing.

*Annoying news is that I am being requested to go onsite to work for poor performance.  With everything that's been happening, I can't help but be a little distracted from work.  

All in all, one thing that I'm always sure of and trust in, is the grace of a loving God.  With all the curves and shifts of my life, His love is always constant and He always provides.  My faith and hope in Him grows every day.  It never waivers nor will it stray. 

There is something about this new year 2012.  There's a renewal and a refining sense in me.  Like I'm being honed for something bigger to come.  Something grand and I'm excited.  January starts out rough but there's no where else to go but UP.  I'm grateful for this LIFE.  Even more grateful for my family and this amazing gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Tomorrow will be February.  January like the months of  the years before, becomes the PAST.  TIME ticks away ever so faithfully and loyally.  We need to make every moment count. 


  1. You have had a very eventful January. Your post was a very refreshing read, and I needed the reminder of God's grace this morning, as we are undergoing some ongoing trials as well. Love your blog! Found you on SITS, and I'm your newest follower.

  2. Wow, what a packed January...some good, some bad, but you're right, God is good and we're blessed to know Him.

  3. So inspiring that you still have your faith through it all.

  4. You have had a lot going on, so sorry for all of the hard things; but I do love that you have found the good in everything too. I hope February has a lot more good for you.

  5. Wow! That is a lot. Mi would be so distracted too!

  6. Wow, I'm sorry you went through that.

    I hope the rest of the year is easier..

  7. I too am sorry that everything is hitting you at once. Will be praying for your husband's health and employment and physical strength and health for your entire family. Wow. It's months like that when well meaning people ask how you are doing and you just arent sure how to explain that we are very very blessed, yet.....

    Hang in there. God does have a plan:)

  8. Wow, girlfriend, you have been through a lot! Hopefully the year ahead will be full of wonderful, happy events!

    My husband also suffers from gout in his knees and feet. It's so very painful!

  9. Sela, I've been gone awhile and when I come back and read you it's like a whole year unfolded in a month!! What a time you have had! I loved how you talk about the beautiful, painful, and just silly! January posted in a blur for me...I just wasn't present. I'm inspired by how you just look on to the next month with optomisim knowing that with God all things are possible.