Friday, February 17, 2012

My very ownTarot card reader

She doesn't own any Tarot cards but she uses the plain playing cards.   She mumbled something and commence the session.

"So this is very complicated as you can see", she stated, after shuffling and dividing the cards into four equal piles, and then facing some of them up so we can see the pictures on it.  Her other sister Mele, sat across the table watching.  They were speaking silent message with their eyes.

"Pick a row mom", she instructed.  I did a few of them.  She ran her hands over them ahhhing and uhmming.  The last row,  I remember a King of Spade, a Jack of Spade and Queen of diamond and some other ones.

All the while I was trying so hard not to laugh and ruin her moment.  She's my daughter Patiola, 14, and she thinks she's a Tarot Card Reader that wants to tell every ones fortunes, impending doom and matching love life.

"You see, you guys aren't looking at each others because...... oh it's very complicated."  She said thoughtfully.  "He's looking that way, you're looking the other way, hmmmmm" 

I'm thinking:  May be because nobody is doing any looking. 

Almost shaking with laughter, I pressed my lips together so I won't let out a howl.  

"This whole situation is not going to work out!  He's married and you're married!"  She declared with somehow a breath of relief.

Ok, tell me something I don't know.  I thought to myself.

She must have read my mind for she yelped, "Your heart is in Africa!"   Well, holy kryptonite, that's the last place I expected my heart to be at.  Africa of all places!

Speaking to her little sister, she gathered her cards, then she glared at me and asked:  "Was I right mom?  Did you spell daddy's name?" 

What?  I didn't know I was suppose to spell anyone's name or think of a name.  I guess before any of the reading begins you're suppose to think of a name.  The man's name and that's what she was mumbling at the beginning but I didn't know she was addressing me.  To pick a name or spell a name.

Realizing from my face that I wasn't aware of that part, her own lovely face formed a shocking expression:  "Mom, are you telling me you didn't even spell dad's name before we started your reading?"

What can I say to that?  Both of my girls faces turned to me equally shocked.  "Whose name did you spell mom?"   Threw my hands in the air and answered:  "Beats me girls".   Both faces scrutinized me accusingly.

To console them I lied:  "Okay girls, I was spelling your dad's name:  J O H N!"  They quickly glanced at each others and Patiola turned to me:   "I knew it was a four lettered name mom."  

Uh huh and so as gazillion other mens name too.

Satisfied. They were all smiles and gave me hugs and kisses.  We do that a lot in our home.  Hugs and kisses.   Almost as much as name callings too.  So much for Tarot reading.  She went ahead and spread out the cards again on that table and this time made sure I spelled out her dad's name before we start another round.

Where's the fun in that I ask myself.  LMBO...


  1. "Maybe because nobody is doing any looking". Hahaha! I loved this - so hilarious!

  2. I had a pack in high school and thought I was all mysterious and cool...

  3. That is so funny. You may just have a future in Africa! I am always claiming that that is where I will move to! LOL

  4. So funny the things kids do! And great job holding in the laughter, not an easy task.