Monday, February 27, 2012

So not the business!

Yesterday, in a state of rushing to get ready for a meeting,  I jumped in the shower forgetting to grab my towel.  Hollered at my daughter Mele to grab me one.  Mele is suppose to be blind as a bat.  I'm suppose to take her to pick a frame for her glasses and then she'll be home free with her vision.

Well, as she opened the door to the bathroom to hang my towel up, it was a very brief moment, a whiff of a second, before I heard a soft mumble:  "Your boobs are so not the business mom".   
Oh no she didn't!
How dare she MOCKS my treasures!
At the same time thinking:  Well, if she can see these almost blind and through fogged see-through shower walls, then my treasures must be in really really sad shape.  (which I honestly know they are but like to kid myself they're still worth something!) 

"What did you just say Mele?"  I howled
"Oh nothing" she replied in a voice coated with laughter. 

SHOOT!  I thought of Mele and my other half angel half devil children.  I can name a hundred other parts of my body that's not the business right now.  And  it's all because of having you children.  After breast-feeding all 7 babies, (each of them averaging 1-3 years),  it's a wonder my boobs are still hanging on for dear life instead of falling off.  And don't let me mention the other halves which have doubled over, flattened, squashed like a piece of plywood.   And the ones which have ballooned, expanded and greatly hindered after 7 children.  That's right!  I can't wait see you after 7 children!

A while back I remember my husband entering the living room and in the process of slipping on his shirt.  My son Leveni looked repulsively at his protruded belly.  Hubby, glanced down at his belly and up at his son then challenged:  "What are you looking at?".  My son snickers as he shakes his head.
Hubby patted his belly, "You're looking at the future, son." 

That son got himself vowing he will never look like his dad.  Well, after 3 years of marriage with no children, that son's belly does look like his dads.  And how many times have I heard him swear in his life he's going to loose the weight.  Ha ha ha. 

So for my beautiful children.  Laugh as much as you want.  Tease, mock and joke as much as you want.  A few years from now you're all going to look like your parents.

Then who gets the last laugh!  Boooo.


  1. That is so funny. I love that she even said something! What a stinker. That's ok, some day, she'll understand!

  2. Oh my goodness!! Laughing but cringing!!

  3. It is so true-- even after three my body is ruined. One time when my daughter made a comment about my gut I told her it was all her fault.

  4. Ohhh how they mock! But they will get theirs. My boobs are so not the business either - so you are in great company!

  5. Heehee, this made me laugh. My son always jokes with my husband about his bald spot, and my husband smiles and says, "Just wait." P.S. I'm glad you have a spoiled furkid too!