Thursday, February 9, 2012

Technically Annoyed

Cell phones, has become my new formidable nemesis.  Yes, my rivalry for attention and concentration.  This is why I don't really care for cell phones and doesn't wish my kids to have 'em until they can afford their own.  I've noticed it for some times now, but truly didn't pay much mind to it.  Until lately.  Because everyone has it.   It's the new invasion.  This wonderful technology gets me technically annoyed.

Maybe it's just me.  What I do mind though is the toll it's taken on normal human to human conversation.   I'd be talking to someone and all of a sudden, I'm not talking with them face to face.  I'm talking to their heads.  Or worse, their hands.  Really?   How rude!  I don't mind so much if they'd politely say;

"Pardon me, give me a sec to check this message."

Then I'll know that you've acknowledged we were in the midst of a conversation and now about to briefly check your cell phone.   But when you're discourteous and out-of-no-where ignore me, that tells me, the conversation is over.  You're not listening, you're not paying attention.  Conversation terminated. 

There is a breach of etiquette when it comes to cell phones.  Every other second we pause, hold the world, I have to check who text, emailed or facebook me..  Never mind if someone is talking to me.  What's on my phone is more important then what you're saying to me.  I've seen people sitting side by side and instead of speaking to one another, they text!

They're everywhere.  In our homes, automobiles, schoolrooms, theaters, the gym and inside our churches.  There's no escaping it!   This new love of our lives has become indispensable and crucial that some can't seem to part with them even momentarily.  They use it in the bathroom stalls, dinner tables, on the bed and let it ring out loud in our chapels while we pray.  Some can't let it go unanswered while they're showering.  They have to off the shower, jump out dripping wet to answer their phones.  A pain in the donkey for teachers in the classrooms.  It has also become indubitably hazardous when we drive.

Don't get me wrong,  technology is wonderful.  I love how it weaves and intertwine our lives together from the four corners of the world.  In a blink of an eye.  But don't become blinded, deafen and distracted by it.  Allowing text messaging, emails and facebook on our cell phones to take over decent, heart-to-heart, human to human conversations.   I wince at how it affects the vocabularies of the upcoming generation.  So much distorted abbreviation of the English language.  Pretty soon we'll all be talking text-English like the Hawaiians' Pidgin language.


  1. AMEN sista!! I hate cell phones, even though I am dependent on mine. My kids also do not have phones, and I am constantly reminded the EVERYONE else their age does!

    I think it is horrible that people have them in sacrament meeting. My SIL actually plays GAMES on her phone during sacrament meeting!

    I make it a rule if I'm on my phone while shopping, as soon as I get to the checker, I hang up, because I think it is so rude to be on the phone when someone is trying to help you.

    I also miss long, leisurely phone conversations! I hate that everyone sends a text instead of making the effort for a personal phone call!

    I'm not going to lie, texting can be convenient if you are somewhere you can't talk, but need to get a message out, or if you need to get information (say a child's recital date and location) out to several people at once - but I miss talking on the phone!!

    1. You have a Sil? Wow, I have a Sil too. Short for Sisilia and yes she plays with her phone during Sacrament meeting! It's horrifying. I think that's why she insist on going to her Young Adult ward. LOL. I agree with you, it's so convenient when you need to get information out and many more attributes of having cell phones. I just don't appreciate when it interferes, distracts and interrupts conversations.

  2. I've been guilty of doing the rude phone thing. I try to be really conscientious and not but sometimes...I'm a jerk.

    1. Awwh sorry Mimi. Didn't mean to make you feel like that. I'm just venting 'cause I feel like I'm competing for attention, with a cell phone. LOL.

  3. I agree,Sela! I wonder where it will all end? Will people stop talking face to face completely some day? I love technology too, but sometimes I think it wastes more time than it saves.