Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston

"RIP Whitney Houston", was all I saw while in the process of checking out my Facebook status.   I was stunned.  Shocked.   Then I saw more then one post.

What the heck is going on?

Is someone playing a sick joke?

I felt like bawling.   NO!  NO! NO!  and then WHY!  WHY!  WHY!  Not THE Whitney Houston.  (I know I'm a little dramatic but Whitney Houston is the epitome of a real female artist to me)  Her and Celine Dion.  No one else can compare.  I was a Freshman in college when I came across her very first CD and I was mesmerized, in awe and BECAME a loyal fan to the end.

Witnessed her success.  Bask in the greatness and serenity of her voice as she delivers hit after hit after hit.  And then her marriage to Bobby Brown, was what I thought, the beginning of her journey to hell.

I'm devastated.  To think that someone has so much going for her, would simply give in to drugs and then end it so abruptly.  Why Whitney?  Why did you do this?  You've become the greatest singer in the world and then let it all go to waste.  What a waste! 

My all time favorites was her rendition of the National Anthem.

Here are the rest of my favorite:  Saving All My Love For You
                                                  Always Love you
                                                  Miracle with Mariah Carey
                                                  Run to you
                                                  Every Woman

Rest in Peace Whitney.  Gone but never be forgotten.  Your music will live on and on and on.  Just like Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson.  We will always love you.  Like Barbara Streisand had said:  It's sad that your music didn't bring you the same joy as it did to us.  (Your fans)