Sunday, March 4, 2012

All in a day's work

All on Saturday:

1.   I've had several posts before admitting that some of the things that annoys me the most, are drivers that doesn't comply with the speed limit and go 5-10 mph slower...Well, I also admitted that my hubby is one them drivers that drives me BONKERS doing exactly that.  On our way to the junk yard to pick up a transmission for my daughter's car he pulled another one of those slow ones.  Drives 10 mph slower:

Me:  (slightly annoyed)  "You drive like an old man.  Can't you see it's a 40mph speed limit?  You're only  going 30 mph!"
Hubby:  (greatly annoyed)  "And you nag like an old woman!  Why can't you just let me drive in peace!"
Our daughter Sisilia:  (as she leans forward from the back seat surveying us thoughtfully)  "Okay, both of you guys are OLD, so you are acting PERFECTLY normal towards each others.  You know, exactly how old people are suppose to act."
I couldn't help but laugh, yet apprehensive whether she meant to scold us or just being sarcastic.  Her being agreeable at all was very amusing though.  Sisilia is anything but AGREEABLE. 

2.   I've also posted about my favorite sister-in-law Sarah.  On our way to the junk yard, we dropped by their house to give them some banana breads I baked.  She was sitting with her friend in her front room but my attention was drawn to her swollen eyelids like she's been crying.  Dumbfound, a few thoughts crossed my mind, Wow, I don't think that the fume from painting all day yesterday could leave her eyes swollen like she's been crying.  Also, "I hope my brother wasn't the cause of her crying.  They're too way pass that stage already."

Obviously aware of the directions my thoughts were heading, Sarah informed me she was hospitalized the night before.  Worried, I asked if everything was okay and she related the whole ordeal:

She's been feeling this ghastly back-pain for a while and finally couldn't stand it any longer.  Her husband was at Scout's Camp and all the older children were out somewhere.  It was Friday night after all.  She tried to call her two oldest daughters Ana and Leo but no one answered their phones.  Then she called her son Charlie and he answered.  She was bawling on the phone from pain and upon hearing her, Charlie (20)  assumed that someone is responsible for his mother's pain:
"What's wrong mom?  Why are you crying?  Who did this to you mom?  Tell me mom!"  Of course, being the protective son that he is, Charlie was ready to do harm to whoever it was that caused his mom to bawl over the phone.  Sarah enlightened him on her situation and right away, Charlie came with his friend Scott to pick her up.  As he helped her into the car, Sarah detected the smell of liquor on Charlie.  He was drunk.  To make a long story short, Charlie apologized to his mom and then off to the hospital they go.

'Ana (Sarah's oldest daughter) came into the Emergency room a little while later.  Discovering that Charlie was drunk, approached him immediately and did some air snapping.  1,2,3 and 4 then asked:  "Are you sane? How dare you come in that condition to mom!"  Charlie retaliated, "Well if you guys only answered your phone when mom calls."  Then 'Ana turned to her mom sobbing out loud.  "I'm so sorry mom."  Sarah said she had to ask her, "Are you the one that's sick or me?"  And here we all are at their house discussing the events from the previous night.  Everyone is fine and everything is back to normal.

3.  So we were late after all to the junk yard because of too many detouring and waiting for a truck.  My daughter Sisilia was irritated that we ended up not getting her transmission after all.  Now, we are heading out to a Baby Shower and my husband's cousin 'Anapesi brought up the subject of Deportation.  Yes, we have family members and friends who are American Citizens or Permanent Residents but when they commit serious crimes or are felons, they get deported back home to the island of Tonga.  Yes, they are not allowed to set foot in the US ever again:  BANNED, OUTLAWED AND FORBIDDEN!   

'Anapesi's husband posted her the question:  "If I ever get deported back to the island, would you come with me."   Here are her responses to him that just tickled my tummy and got me gasping in laughter:  'Ana was born here in the US.  Have never been to Tonga.

1.  Uh uh honey.  I'm sorry.  You're going to have to find yourself a new wife that will go to the plantation for you.   (They've received pictures or videos from some of his male cousins who have been deported and they practically have women doing the dirty work for them.   You know, planting, hunting and picking fruits)
2.  I've seen some of the pictures where those women walk around barefooted and muddy.  Their husbands do the relaxing and they walk into the bush and come out with armed with a variety of tropical fruits to eat.   No way in hell am I going to do that.  I can't do the fruit picking and plantation planting thing. Let alone be a bushwacker's wife.  No no!
3.  Plus, I can't abide to go into the bush and get eaten alive by bugs.  No, no, not me.  Oh noooooooo no no no.  I'm an American girl through and through.  I like keeping my hands and feet clean and I especially like my WALMARTS!

So this is how my crazy Saturday went.  It was pretty hilarious.  That baby shower we went to was like a big wedding.  Practically set up like one and so many people.


  1. Bahahahaa!! I like my Walmarts!! That's awesome.
    So what was wrong with Sarah's back??? Is she all fixed up now?


    1. Yes Mimi, it was a pinched nerve and she's doing good. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. Wow! Hopefully Saturday will be a little more calm.
    Drives me insane when people drive too slow

  3. Slow drivers make me crazy. Especially when I can't pass them!

  4. Sounds like a crazy, eventful weekend! I hope your SIL is feeling all better now!