Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Big 48

My son Mahonrai came in early in the morning, kissed me and wished me happy birthday.  Yes, I had completely forgotten it's my birthday.  Turning 48 years old and I feel like I've been 48 since I turned 45, three years ago.  Honestly, I stopped counting when I turned 45. 

Lingering in bed after my husband left to deliver the children, I find myself smiling.  My heart was full, my cup runneth over with incomparable joy and gratitude for all that God has blessed me with.  Seven beautiful, rowdy children.  My husband and also my parents and aunt Peta.  The ones that I love and closest to my heart.  Even my brothers and sisters and their own families.

As imperfect as my life is right now, I feel I'm exactly where I'm suppose to be.  And there's no where else I'd rather be.  The tapestry of my existence, from where I was born, to where I am now weaves a colorful, uncomplicated life yet rich in faith and love of family, friends and acquaintances.  I have been blessed. 

To-day was spend with my parents and my aunt Peta.  All the children left to school and my husband to a business meeting.  I rejoiced in hearing my father's voice.  As he talked I noticed the lines on his forehead and the crows feet around his eyes are deeper.  He was a handsome man and still is.  I realize just how blessed I am to still have him and my mother around.  His laughter, his songs entertaining my mother echos throughout the house everyday.  He is a joyful and happy man.  I'll always remember him that way. 

I looked at my mother and my aunt Peta.  White hair, wrinkly soft skin and their eyes twinkled with the wiseness of their age.  I become grateful over and over again.  Thank you God for blessing me with them.  We sat in the kitchen baking banana bread until one by one my children begin to arrive from school.  One by one they kiss and wished me happy birthday.  My life is complete

My cousin Leilani came and picked me up for Hot Hula and Zumba.  Boy what a workout that was and what a way to end my birthday all drench in sweat.  It felt like a cleansing.  I'm going into my 48th with renewed energy and goals.  Came home to a basket of goodies from my oldest son and his wife.  They know all my favorite treats.  Another birthday.  Another chance to live life to its fullest.  


  1. Awww, what a great post! Happy birthday!!!

  2. yea for you!! I love your attitude!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.
    happy happy birthday!

  3. Such a beautiful post! I would wish you a happy birthday but it sounds like you had one. I will wish you a happy year with your wonderful family!!

  4. Happy belated birthday friend!!! <3

  5. What a glorious birthday! I'm so glad you recognize what's important in life--so many people don't! I hope you have a wonderful year of being 48!

  6. I love it! Happy Birthday to you! I'm so glad you had such a wonderful day!!!

  7. Happy belated birthday!! What a beautiful post. There truly is much to be grateful for.

  8. Happy Birthday! Found your blog and loved your attitude. I'll be celebrating my birthday soon and been having some birthday blues. Thanks for the inspiration.