Monday, April 30, 2012

Moving On

It happens every time we move, I go through each and every room and bit by bit I reminisce.  My chest tightens as whiffs of memories soaks up my mind.  Traces and of them lingers and echoes in the emptiness of each room.  Like an old cymbal struck for the last time.  Once left behind can never relive.  They are growing with every move we make.  Leaving, leaving behind friends old and new.

Yesterday we said goodbye to friends and acquaintances.  Some, I know we'll never get to see again in this lifetime.  Some we'll see for sure but will be brief and fleeting as the wind.  This house, that house and every house we've lived in, bears every giggle and laughter, tears and words my children have ever uttered.

In the back yard our beloved dog Sinchee is buried.  Got a glimpse of my daughter Mele, sticking a letter on the tombstone we made for him.   It's a triangular piece of rock.  Not wanting to disturb her moment with her dog, I waited until she was finally gone the made my way to the back.

She wrote:


I love you Sinchee?  U were the best dog me and my family has ever had!
We miss u so much.  Don't worry we will meet again!
I love you til no end!  Take care of Grandpa 4 me!
Love always and forever!  
Sept. 11
I will miss you
I will never forget you

Tears brimmed and fall.  Who can with-hold?  Her sadness and grief as we're about to say goodbye to her Sinchee.   I felt it and it sucked me in once again to that long September evening where I already know that by that time we get back home, he'd be gone.  Too sick but I didn't want the kids to see him die.  Tears me up that he died alone.

So long to our once called home.  Farewell to the youngs and olds.  We may be gone but once paths are intertwined will remain twined forever.  


  1. Oh that breaks my heart. Moving is so hard sometimes. We leave behind bits of ourselves and our memories every time. I don't move well.

  2. Stink, your blog is the second one I have read today that has reminded me of saying goodbye to my loved cat of 16 years. I'm sorry you had to move and leave such a huge part of your journey behind.

  3. Moving on is always a heart breaker...

  4. Heart wrenching. It's hard to be strong for our children when we are also hurting. Just continue being strong. :) Danica Martin

  5. and it doesn't seem to ever get easier, does it?! good luck with your move.

  6. Oh my gosh I'm bawling over that letter to your dog. You have a very caring girl on your hands.