Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Childhood Home

This is where I was born.  My beloved island of Tonga.  It's out there in the smacking middle of the South Pacific.  So small that you can barely see it on the map.  It's but a tiny dot on the World Atlas.

99 sq. mls.  So you can imagine, growing up surrounded by an endless Ocean with all sorts of Tropical trees and bushes.

As a little girl, I lived a kaleidoscopically adventurous life.  Where children invent our own toys and games to play with and finding food off of Guava trees, Mangoes, Papayas and Bananas trees.  The list goes on and on.  We can drink from our own cement water tank filled with rain water or the only water pipe in the middle of the village.  Coconut trees provided cocont milk.  I think I was the only girl capable of climbing a coconut tree.  I had to hide from my family though because girls were not suppose to climb coconut trees.  And I'd get into deep trouble.

So many years ago yet it lives on in my memory like it was only yesterday.  I can still hear the laughter of children as we play in the fields.   We had so little yet it was so, so much.  Barefoot, braids and ponytails.   Sometimes I wish my children could have experienced some of my childhood moments.  It was absolutely carefree and fun.   So full of love and laughter. 

Of everything I miss about my childhood home, this is perhaps the one I miss most.  The breathtaking scenes of the sun setting.   May be I was a little mature for my age, but in high school, every evening after school, I'd stroll to my favorite spot and sit there filled with wonders about my future, when I'll leave my lovely island as I watched the sun sink into the sky.   A glorious and magnificent site to behold.  I never got tired of it.

In high school, I couldn't wait to find my path in life.  One that would lead me away from my beloved Tonga.  I was growing and the island was getting smaller by the year.  Beyond the horizon where the sea meets the sky, I prayed for the day where I'd leave my home for good.  Honestly, I felt suffocated by the smallness of it all.

So here I am in the bounteous land of America.  Where everything comes in abundance and overflowing.  .  Raising my children and living out my life.  One day I'll go back and visit.  Take my children to see the land of their origins.  But as to living there, I don't think so.



  1. Wonderful, heartfelt post. Thank you for stopping by my blog and all your wonderful comments.

  2. Beautiful post, beautiful pictures! I love hearing about your childhood!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I enjoyed reading this post...and thinking of my childhood safe and secure and happy..but not for my strange....

  5. I can completely relate, I too moved from a vacation spot to a (cold) foreign country... at times I too wish my daughter could experience some of the things I did, but I know she's better off here. At least we can always go back on vacation and give our kids glimpses into our childhoods! :) Danica Martin

  6. Gorgeous! It sounds like a magical place!

  7. What a beautiful post! Tonga is one of those places I hope to visit one day - some longtime family friends were from Nukualofa and, while they are in the US now, when I hear my friends parents speak of Tonga, it sounds magical. And don't even get me started on Tongan food - yum!

  8. It sounds like a beautiful place to grow up!

  9. Sounds like an enchanting place! Love the sunset pic.

    Hi! Stopping by from MBC. Great blog!
    Have a nice day!

  10. How beautiful. I really enjoyed this post! What a carefree fun childhood you had in such a beautiful place.

  11. Beautiful pictures. I hope you get to go back and visit.

    1. I'd love to go back and take the kids to go and visit but airfare is so darn expensive!