Tuesday, April 3, 2012


For years I've been out and about with keeping myself physically fit.  Every now and then, far and in-between.  I've been trying to get myself to get back to exercising.  Have gained back the weight that took me years to loose by playing Racquetball and now that I need it the most, it's a heck of a struggle trying to juggle a sick husband, sick parents, a temple attending aunt, students in school and one vehicle.

Well, hallelujah, my husband is back on his feet.  That means he can deliver the kids to school and work.  Now I have time in the morning to attend Zumba with my friend Leo.  She's a blessing right now as she's the one that drives us back and forth from Zumba.  There are a few groups that we go to.  Its started with Betsy in the Magna ward a few weeks ago and twice a week.  Then, we decided to check out the EMZ (Early Morning Zumba) and there's another group, the MZL (Morning Zumba lovers). 

EMZ and MZL are all in the morning at 5:30a.m.  At first I thought there's no way on earth I can get up that early, especially working graveyard.  But then, I experimented and oh yes, I can do it.  I just don't sleep on Tues. and Wed. since I work until 4.  The rest of the week I work until 2am and get a few hours of sleep before heading out.  My body is loving it and I can sleep here and there and everywhere during the day.

My first day at EMZ an old acquaintance peeked over my way and said, "Are you Sela or Linda?"  My sister and I look alike and people often mistakes one for the other.  I laughed and said, "I'm Sela."  She gave me a funny look and declared, "You used to be skinny...".  I feel my face burning by the awkwardness of her remark.  I would never say that to anyone even if it's true.  Okay...what else can I do but bravely agree with her, "Yes, I know." LOL.   

Zumba has become a movement to many of my Tongan people here in Utah.  It all started by a Sinai Pauni who first got certitfied and then it just blew up.  She started the Early Morning Zumba.  Now there's a 'Elenoa Saafi with MZL that includes a number of other ladies going strong with the program.  It's so great to see this especially in the Tongan community where staying physically fit and exercising were much desired but lack a way to provide the people to get it done.  These women do it for free and it's just expanding at a lightning speed towards women from all over Utah and even from other states as well.  It's great and I'm finally able to participate.     


  1. woot woot! You go girl. I love Zumba but sometimes it just wipes me out!

  2. I have never tried Zumba. True story.

  3. Never tried Zumba but you just reminded me to get on my feet and do some stretching...

  4. my girlfriends LOVE rumba!! that are always coaxing me to have fun with them...some day!!