Saturday, May 12, 2012

My Sweet Angel Mother

She kept an enormous Book of Remembrance when we were growing up.   In there I'd read good things about each and every one of her children.  She may not know it then, but those entries kept me striving to be the daughter she deserves.  There was nothing pretentious about my mother.  She was void of malice, filled with unselfish love and an example of virtue, modesty and hard work.

This woman, my mother touched the lives of not only her children, but so many others of her extended family.  Our home was never empty of her relatives, coming from Ha'apai, seeking education, employment and a better way of life.  She provided for us and provided for them.  Her, with the help of my father for she was one of the first women in Tonga to hold down a 9-5 job as a secretary for the high school across the street.  Liahona High School.

'Ana Patiola Fekitoa Tuita.   I miss the woman she used to be.  Always thriving in whatever it is she sets her mind to doing.  For 30 years she labored diligently.  Not only in her job but also in the church and our family.  She was a Primary President.  A ward Relief Society President as well as the Stake Relief Society President.  We never lacked for anything when we were growing up.  I've always wondered how it is that my father, who was an uneducated man, hooked up with my mother who was very much educated and extremely bright.  They brought a balance to our family though, that to this day, I'm still trying  to bring to my own family.

For the past four to five years, she has been battling breast cancer and had suffered a stroke that left her bedridden.  I think the only thing that keeps her here on this earth is the prayers of my father.  My father who prays like he's conversing with God face to face.  Whom, will simply wither away if she leaves him.  Their love is rare.  Bond by trust, honesty and kindness.  Sealed for all time and throughout all eternity.

I see her beautiful, sweet angel face.  I remember everything about her.   Her, always short and cropped hair, now so white and long.  Her skin flawless and fair.  Beautiful inside and out.  Thank you mom, for all that you have done.  Your legacy will continue on within us, your children, as well as your grandchildren and their children's children.  I pray I can be half the mother you were to us.  I love you mom and may you have a happy and blessed mother's day. 


  1. Oh, how beautiful. What a lucky lady you are to have such a warrior for a mom.

  2. I'm certain the other thing that keeps her going is knowing she did WELL with you. What a beautiful example she has set for you. May you be blessed this Mother's Day.

    1. Thank you Leah. I have the toughest time trying to get into your blog. I always get your google account and I do apologize I'm such a dumbo when it comes to the navigation of the internet. Please, when you have time. Drop me a link to you blog so I can get in. LOL. Thanks again and you have a FABULOUS Mother's Day.

  3. Hi Sela, I've tagged you for a questionnaire :
    Hope you decide to participate! :) Danica

  4. What a loving and sweet tribute to your mother! I'm sure it is so hard to see how she's changed over the past few years. Knowing her love hasn't changed has to help. And her knowing how much you love her has to help. Thanks for sharing something so close to your heart.

  5. What a beautiful tribute to your mother! She truly sounds like an amazing strong woman. I hope you had a wonderful mother's day

  6. Oh, this is such a lovely post! Your mother sounds wonderful. I miss mine so much. She was wonderful too. I hope you had a great mother's day!