Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What Kept Me

Distracted, distraught and a little deranged.  LOL.  So many things have kept me from really sitting down and pouring my heart out on this blog.

1.  My mom has took a turn for the worse.  She can no longer chew her food.  Nor can she suck on a straw.  We have now resolve to using syringes to feed her.  I couldn't help but wept every time I visit her.   Just seeing her like this breaks my heart.    Her face signifies how much weight she has lost.  To-day I found out she had a fever so my sister-in-law gave her some baby Ibuprofen.  It aid in making her more comfortable.

My father calls me, because he still can't understand that there's nothing else that the doctors can do for her.  "Sela,  isn't there anything else they can do for her?"
"Don't they have any medication to give her strength?"
On and on he goes.  "Are we going to just let her die?"
I had to explain to him again and again that there's nothing else the doctors can do for my mom.
I just can't say the obvious to him.

2.  My son finally releases his first Mixtape.  Had over 1500 viewers in one day.  He  is so excited and we're all excited too.  Big things are happening for him.  He's got the talent and the creativity for music and I'm so proud of him.  Here's the link for his songs.  It's completely free as it is for promotional purposes only.


3.  Finally got a second job.  After interviews and interviews for different jobs.  Will be starting on the 29th and I can't wait to start.

4.  Daughter Patiola has been so sick with the flu.

5.  Almost done with unpacking.  Still more boxes to unpack but it's slowly but surely going.  

6.  Just called to be the new ward Organist and also Primary Pianist.  

I wonder what's coming in the next few months?  Nothing I can't handle I pray.   Looking forward to August for my son's returning from his mission. 


  1. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now, just take it one step at at time.
    I enjoy hip hop music so I'll be sure to check out your son's music. :) Danica

  2. Thinking of you and your family right now. Sorry to hear about your Mom. big hugs <3

  3. lots going on for you!!! have you called hospice?
    congrats to your son.
    good luck to you!!