Friday, July 27, 2012

Their Dreaded Questions

"Mom, how does this look?"

"Mom, does this look good on me?"

"Mom,  should I wear this or that?"

Blah Blah Blah

...Seriously, my opinion amounts to zero and yet I wonder why they keep on asking!   These dreaded questions my girls continue harassing me with, riles me up every single time.    Not that I mind answering.  Not at all.  It's the fact that what I think really doesn't count for anything whatsoever.  So why in all that's holy do they even BOTHER asking for my opinion!

It doesn't matter whether it's their hairdo, honeydew, clothes or makeup.  When I'm agreeable and express any type of delight in what they're wearing, they scramble to change like the devil is on their heels.

One morning my Sisilia dashes up the stairs searching for shoes to wear.  Her father was blasting the honk of the car, not wanting to be late to work.  It was only 6a.m. and the whole neighborhood was still slumbering away.  I threw her one of her younger sister Patiola's shoes.  She quickly slips them on and on her way out, looks back at me and asks, "Does this look okay mom?"   

Here we go again!   I thought to myself.   

Promptly I assured her, "It looks fine honey".  Sure enough, in a clipped tone she blurted, "I know it's ugly mom, but it's even uglier when you say it's fine".   
Oooooooooooooooh................. how I wanted to throw a flip flop on her head. 
But I'm the mother after all and I have to retain composure at all times every time and in all places.  
Sometimes, however,  my kids make me want to swear, curse and do flips and cartwheels out of anger and frustrations.

In time, I discovered a well worked out solution for all their dreaded questions.

REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY BABY.  Whenever they ask the questions, these are my answers:

Oh, that looks hideous my dear
Wow, that is ugggglllyyyyyyy!
Um, not so attractive sweetheart
Uh Uh, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing that darling
It makes you look like an old hunchback lady 

They thrive hearing my negative comments and so it works like charms.   After all, what do I know about fashion and style.  What's in and what's not?  Huh.  They think they know everything.  Right?

It's almost like I'm hearing them squeal in delight:

"Hell Yeah, mom thinks it's ugly so it really means it's fabulous".  WE ARE WEARING IT.

How's that for a solution!   Works all the time.   In my mind when they turn to go, I have a big grin on my face.  Oh yes, no one can outsmart mom.  Not you babies that were just born yesterday.  You have no idea who you're messing with.

Ha Ha Ha.....


  1. Okay, LOL!!! I just saw this sign the other day, it says, "I made up a new word. Askhole. A person who asks my opinion and always does the opposite." HAHA!!

    1. Too funny Mimi. Sounds like the perfect connotation for such people. LOL. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. After some excruciating conversations with my tween today, I was thinking about just this - how am I going to have the stamina for the next 8 years of her budding attitude!?