Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Just Like My Mother

It gives him endless thrill to always start up a guessing game.  Particularly when it concerns something special that occurred in school, church or during a game.  I never tire of hearing about his stories.  My son Mahonrai is a special boy and he's got the insights of a man beyond his years. 

In his Seminary class, the teacher had asked each of the students to make a list of all the qualities they would want in a spouse.  30 seconds was all that was permitted for them to write and everyone but my son, got busy with their papers and pencils.
"I looked around mom, and everyone was busy listing their qualities.  I only had one sentence to write and you'll never guess what I wrote."   His face lit up like the sun. 
Here it comes, I thought.  I had to pretend like I didn't know the answer to avoid disappointing him because by the way his face lit up, I didn't need to wonder what the answer was.  I knew.

30 seconds passed and the teacher asked the boys to come up to the board and write down their answers.  Mahonrai wrote his answer in very fine print.  Students that read his answers shot him funny looks and knowing smiles.  He gave them a challenging look that says:  "What?"  "Yes I wrote that, so what?".

When his teacher examined the board, his eyes took in the fine prints and right then and there, pointed to the board exclaiming:   "Who wrote this?"  Every eyes were on Mahonrai.  The teacher proudly declared:  "Girls, Mahonrai here is the top nominee of an ideal spouse".

"You know what I wrote mom?"  He beamed. 
I continued with the pretense:  "Umm, someone virtuous?"
"No", he shakes his head. 
"Someone lovely and beautiful?"
Again he shakes his head and said, "I wrote Just like my Mother."

Inside I almost burst with pride and joy.  What mother wouldn't rejoice in an answer like that?  How marvelous and wonderful to think that you've made a positive influence on your children.   That you do have good qualities that they see and look up to.  Even admire.  I gave him a  hug and a kiss. 
"Thank you son."  My two older boys will never stoop and admit to this.  They'll think it's too soft to admit in-front of the Seminary class.   Got to hand it to Mahonrai.  He comes straight out and say what's on his mind. 


  1. Oh that just made my heart melt!! How truly wonderful and what a wonderful moment. Love love this. Yes, your son is the boy all the girls should pick.

    Thank you so much for linking up.

  2. Very welcome Emmy. I still have a lot of trouble doing the linking stuff and was actually surprised it worked.

  3. Oh how very precious! Special, definitely.