Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Merry go Round"

Discovering Kacey Musgraves gives me the same pleasure as the time I discovered Bethany Pierce on a library shelf.  My daughter Sisilia introduced me to her song "Merry Go Round" as I was driving her to work and instantly I became a mesmerized fan.

The lyrics and simplicity of her song drives straight to the realities and cores of most of our lives.  Like a broken Merry go Round, we live on accepting, settling, even if the shoe is ill-fitting we wear it on until it becomes familiar and comfortable.   If lucky, we can become contend in our circumstances and then eventually GRATEFUL we're not worse off then others in the same situations!

"Merry Go 'Round"

If you ain't got two kids by 21,
You're probably gonna die alone.
Least that's what tradition told you.
And it don't matter if you don't believe,
Come Sunday morning, you best be there in the front row like you're supposed to.

Same hurt in every heart.
Same trailer, different park.


Mama's hooked on Mary Kay.
Brother's hooked on Mary Jane.
Daddy's hooked on Mary two doors down.
Mary, Mary quite contrary.
We get bored, so, we get married
Just like dust, we settle in this town.
On this broken merry go 'round and 'round and 'round we go
Where it stops nobody knows and it ain't slowin' down.
This merry go 'round.


We think the first time's good enough.
So, we hold on to high school love.
Sayin' we won't end up like our parents.

Tiny little boxes in a row.
Ain't what you want, it's what you know.
Just happy in the shoes you're wearin'.

Same checks we're always cashin' 
To buy a little more distraction.
Jack and Jill went up the hill.
Jack burned out on booze and pills.
And Mary had a little lamb.
Mary just don't give a damn no more. 

I couldn't help but smile at the irony behind the song itself.   The usage of the all too familiar childhood rhymes:  "Jack and Jill", "Mary had a little Lamb",  "Mary Mary quite contrary",  gives an amusing twist to how our childhoods (as it should have been, fun-filled carefree and gay) ultimately transform into the adult life of marriage, adjusting and finally settling.   "Merry Go Round" sounds and appears like a simple song yet there lay the ironies of it all.



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    1. First time hearing of her yesterday. She's a new country artist. Her album is not yet released. I guess this is her new single that was just released.

  2. This is very interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have never heard that before- definitely gets you thinking. Loved the video to it