Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year Resolution?

For days I have been contemplating on the series of things that I need to work on this coming new year, 2013.  Reflecting on the past decades on the numerous New Year Resolutions I resolved to work on, I've never really stick to any of it.  Not even for a month!  So this coming New Year, I'm not surprised at all that I don't have a long list in hand ready to attack only on the first day of every year.   Lists are so overrated the more I think about it the wearier I get.  What I really need is a whole NEW ATTITUDE

My old attitude has been creeping me out with all the procrastinations, cowardations and debilitations.   I need a complete TRANSFORMATION.  Similar to that of some of the more common Amphibians that are able to shed the old skin and take or grow into a new one.  A total METAMORPHOSIS out of my old crappy self into a more VIBRANT, bursting with life self.  Be fearless and focus.  (This is actually getting me excited for the 2013).  Yes!

2012 has been more of a struggling year.  Growing awareness and realization.  Accepting and Forgiveness.  Having a solid assurance that there is no other way but only through God and Jesus Christ our Savior that we can survive this life.  That family and loved ones are our gems and not the glittering gold, silver and diamonds of the world.  That KNOWLEDGE is power and if I'm to make a change, I need to make goals and that lists are, after all, necessary to conquering the frailties of this feeble fatty body and mind where the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. 

With that, I could only endure to pursue a few goals this year.  Every year I'm overloaded, overwhelmed and in over my head with goals that are beyond my grasp and reach.  This year I've decided to be more realistic and set goals that through baby steps, can be reached and attained.

2013 looks promising even though we're in for a rough start.  No matter, every year it seems the only way to go is "UP"!   So here we go again.  The journey through 2013 will be nothing short of joyous, laughter and love.  At least these I'm sure of.  Finding joy in the simple things in life.  Appreciate and always, always be GRATEFUL