Sunday, December 16, 2012

One gift Christmas

Just when I thought teaching my children about the true meaning of Christmas was in vain, they actually surprised me and proved me wrong.  What I thought was a long forgotten incident resurfaces as my 15 year old daughter rehearsed an event that took place a few years back where they actually received more then one gift each.  That morning after the oohs and aahs over their newly received possessions, I said:

"Okay children, since you have more then your share of presents, please pick one gift to give away".

Talk about throwing tantrums, frowns, almost kicking and screaming!! 

"No, mom we don't want to give away any of our presents!"

"Why do you do this mom!""

"Uh uh you can't do this to us mom!"   Yada Yada Yada

I admit I felt an immense stab of annoyance and disappointment.  Bloody Mary but I thought I taught these children better.  Christmas time is about giving and sharing and here they are almost doubling over hugging their gifts tighter to their chests refusing to SHARE!  These children are doomed to hell for sure!  LOL

But as they nod their heads, smile their knowing smiles one Sunday ago, I realized that they haven't forgotten that incident because we ended up sharing after all.  They have learned the true meaning of Christmas but they like to drive me wild before admitting to me that they do! 

This Christmas, they do have a real life Santa Claus.  That is their big brother Leli for this boy lavishes them their little hearts' desires.  He's just sweet like that.  Beginning of this month, these 3 girls wrote their Christmas list and Mahonrai, being the man that he is even though he's only 16, is self assured that Leli knows exactly what he wants for Christmas.  He didn't write a letter.  Letters has been delivered to his room with many squeals and giggles.  He lives with my oldest son at his house with his wife.  

As for me and Christmas.  I'll get them exactly what they need.  Like the ox cart dragging the ox. 

Shoes for all the girls, they do have holes in the ones they're wearing now.  One shoe per year for school and if that gets worn out, then we replace them.  Unless they really really can't wear it anymore and can't wait for the next Christmas.
Shoes for Mahonrai, he desperate needs them.  He's wearing slippers in the snow.  It's a good thing his got those Polynesian muscular legs to carry him through snow and summer!
A pair of jeans for the girls for they always fight over their favorite pair of jeans.
And that's about it!   As for the older children.  I have a few surprises for them.  



  1. I saw this rule on a Pinterst pin...
    One thing they want,
    one thing they need,
    one thing they wear,
    and one thing they read.

    1. That is one great idea Mimi. They definitely need one of each. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. My husband lost his job this year shortly before Thanksgiving and our Christmas was a lean one. (He is employed again, thank heavens.) And I thought all of my teachings about the meaning of Christmas were in vain too until my eldest daughter left a note for Santa on Christmas Eve telling him it was ok if he couldn't make it this year. Made me cry. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    1. So glad to know your husband is employed again. Thank you for dropping by. Christmas was exceptional this year. Have a happy new year.