Monday, January 28, 2013

Way too funny!

Yesterday morning, my husband was preparing one of our (mine and his) favorite delicacies, OCTOPUS, for dinner.   He had cooked it for a while and it was sitting on top of the stove waiting to be sauteed in Coconut milk.  While hubby was busy doing something on the computer, he asked our daughter Papi (whom I've written a number of posts about) if she could transfer the Octopus from the large pot to the small pot so he can use the big pot for the potatoes. 

Well, Papi, bless her heart, is afraid of anything smaller then her nose.  Flies, spiders, ants, moths and any bug that flies, crawls or moves. 
As she approached the pot, her eyes widened as she let out a disgusting squeal.
"Look mom, this thing has TESTICLES.  There are many of them!"
Her outburst caught me off guard and in a blurry state of mind I blurted out, "Isn't testicles suppose to be something nasty?"
My hubby, abandoning the computer came up to her and yelled,  "Those are not testicles, they are tentacles you idiot!"
It finally clicked on me what my daughter just said and I just couldn't help but laughed and laughed and laughed.  There's tentacles for ya!


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Remodeling and Rebuilding

Remodeling, rebuilding and renewing.  Not only of a house but also of relationships and family ties.  We are working on remodeling our eldest son's very first house.  It was given to them by his wife's parents.  The house is huge with 5 bedrooms, 3 living rooms and 2 1/2 baths.  It also needs are lot of work and we're all assisting in tearing down, patching up and painting.  

For years I've longed for a way to be closer to our son and his lovely wife and the Lord has provided us with the opportunity.  Of all things, it comes through rebuilding and remodeling a house.  We're all having a blast tearing down walls, patching up holes and painting over old paint.  Slowly do we see the results of our labor and it's beautiful.  In the process of doing all this, we're bonding once again with each others, especially our 3 oldest children as they've all grown and out of the house.  Now this house, is bringing us all back together again and I can't help but rejoice in this unexpected chance.

First, my daughter-in-law's pregnancy.  She's just gotten over her first trimester and she's been sick like a dog with IV at home and constant throwing up, cramps and loosing weight.  She was always a tiny little thing but tinier now because of a very rough pregnancy.  Sometimes my son would call me in the middle of the night seeking advice on how to curb throwing up.  I offer all the help I can get. 

Every one of the children are involved with some type of work.  So fun and rewarding.  It's not all dandy like that all the time though.  We disagree here and there on styles and colors.  What to leave up and what to take down. I'm learning so much about my daughter-in-law, she's a tiny little thing but full of big dreams, big ideas and opinions. Which adds to her uniqueness in her own way.  It's so funny watching them discuss, debate and agree to disagree on certain things in their first house.  Married right out of high school, they've come a long way since then.  Expecting their first child after 5 years of marriage.

My husband on the other hand, forgets sometimes that his sons are grown men.  No longer little boys to be told what to do all the time.  He gets ahead of himself and I'm there to bring him down!  LOL.  Hot tempered, loud and impatient.   The children are used to him though.

I find that joy comes from being with the ones you love the most.  Life is precious and sweet.  Nothing can replace time spend with the people you love.  Not money, not silver, gold nor any material things.  I've learned that happiness is indeed a state of mind and that things have no lasting effect in comparison to our relationships with one another.   My joy is full when I'm around my family.  Both my immediate family and my extended family.  I love them all. As we remodel our son's house, we're strengthening bonds and ties within our growing family circle. It's been a long time coming. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Funny things they say or tell

Mele, who just turned 14 years old came from school yesterday and shyly admitted to me that this boy in school was hitting on her.  He approached her and asked:  "Did it hurt?"  Baffled by his question, she asked "What do you mean?"
"Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven!"
Laughing I assured her that boys will always throw out silly lines like that when they want to get attention from a girl.  She smiles and this girl's got big, humongous gorgeous eyes and continued, "Yeah mom, and the same guy said another thing to me again.  He goes, "Do you take karate lessons"  Which she answered "No" of course.  The he blurted:  "Because your body is kicking!"  Ba ha ha. What else would these kids come up with.

Children are always coming home sharing funny stories from school or places they go. 

Patiola, is not shy about anything.  She said "Mom, you know in my math class, I'm smartest when we do things in class and participating in the lesson.  But when it come to testing time, I always get an "F".  Patiola was born a month premature weighing in at only 5lbs.  Her Doctor said that she might be a little slow in school.  She has been in the Special Education program since first grade.  Now it's only certain subjects like Math that she's pulled out of her regular class for Spec. Ed. class. So it's no surprise to me when she tells me this. I call her "Papi"  (Puppy)  as that's my pet name for her. 

"The students around me always looks at my paper trying to get the answers off my papers.  I looked and them and mouthed:  Get you own answers!"
They'd beg, "Please we just need a little help."
So she lets them and  then when they get the test result, they pass the test and she flungs!
Then she went on in a loud voice "I think someone erases my answers when we pass the paper forward.  That's why I'm getting an "F"!
This girl kills me.  She's got an attitude the size of Texas too. 

11 year old Beverly always wear these headbands that I crochet, to school.  They come in different colors and I made some for Christmas to give away to their friends as gifts and now we have a bunch of leftovers so she wears them to school.  She came home yesterday and informed me that some of the girls in her school wanted me to make them some headbands.  She also said that she told them that it'll cost $3 each.  I'm thinking that this girl will be a great sales agent one day. 

Big Mo (16) is always saying:  "This girl in school likes me mom".  I'd questioned:  "How do you know she likes you?"  He'd say :  "Duh mom!  She's  always staring at me every time I look up".  LOL  I'm just glad Mahonrai is not girl crazy and doesn't even have a girlfriend.  Less headache for me 'cause I don't want to have to deal with girlfriends and boyfriends until they're old enough, like 18 or may be older. 
Thinking it was cool to give my Return Missionary son tips on dating I encouraged him:
"Son don't forget, date as many girls as you can so you can find out for sure who's the right one"
He looked at me, chuckles, shakes his head and replied:  "Mom your tips on dating are so outdated.  You
see, dating has become revolutionized since your days." 
His reply caught me off guard as I burst out laughing.  He just made me feel 1000 years old.  Ancient.  Then he went on: "It's an ocean of sharks out there mom.  Some of them can sniff the money in my pocket from miles away.  Plus it's not more of looking right now. It's more of a HUNT and sometimes mom, it feels like I'm the PREY!"  ROTFL
This guy is hilarious.  He's got some sense of humor.  Any girl who marries my Leli will be lucky. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My beloved Charlie

When I speak of my father, Charlie, I speak of a man who was 100% dedicated to his wife and his children.  This past Monday, Jan. 14th, he turned 73 years old.  His hair is all white now, he limps when he walks due to a mild stroke a few years back.  I've already wrote about him in some of my previous posts, but to-day I wanted to make a tribute to him, for I am forever and ever will be grateful for all that he has done for me, for my mother and the rest of his children.

My mother was his queen.  I grew up adoring the way they loved each others and the way they loved us.  I made up my mind at a very young age that when I get married, I wanted someone just like my father.

His examples were not merely from his words alone, but also with labor and much patience at that.  I remember him as a mechanic for the school district and as a cook at home.  He treated my mother with respect and cherished her until her last breath when she died of breast cancer last year.  Never, have I witnessed a husband so loving and dedicated to his wife as my father did for my mother. 

This man was fun to be around.  Never a dull moment with my dad.  He'd take us riding on his big machineries at his work.  Plows, Tractors, Bulldozers and we'd watched him dig holes after holes for buildings and other things.  Then he fixed cars from all over our island.  He fixes things.  We'd go to our plantation and plant all kinds of things.  And then he'd take us swimming in the ocean.  When he does, he loads up our pick up truck full of the kids from our village and head out to the beach up town.  Boy it was fun.  To this day, I cherish those memories. 

One of the funnest things we use to do as kids was playing out in the pouring rain.  All the children gather together to the high school and just run wild, slipping and sliding until our skin become rubbery and wrinkly.  My father took me out this one night and not only it was raining hard but there was thunder and lightning lighting up the sky.  It was the most beautiful thing to me.  I stood there in the dark, clinging to one of his legs and just watching the sky as it pours down hearing the drumming of thunders while lightning lights up the sky.  I was not scared at all for my dad was with me.  I remember everything about my father.  To this day it never fail to bring a smile to my face.

I'm thankful that I was blessed with a dad such as Charlie.  He would sit on our piano and play and sing so loud.  Our house was the only two-story house in the village and when he sings, the who village can hear him.  Not that he knows how to sing or play the piano.  Noooo.  He just made up words and made up notes.  It was hilarious. 

I don't know how long he's got to live.  One thing I know for sure is that I have to make it count.  He lives with my brother Tuita.  But what I would really like to do is to take him home, back to the island.  To his big house and the place that he loves.  I think if he dies he'd want to be buried right next to the woman he loves.  But I think what would really make him happy is that if he takes a trip back to the home he build and the places he loved.  I love my father.  He can't read English at all, he speaks very very little of it but it's always funny how I'd go to his house and he'd describe to me what is going on around the world just by watching TV and trying to make out what they're saying in the news. 

Charlie has left us all a very rich and joyful legacy.  I can't thank him enough for everything he has done for us.  Even to this day, he helps in everything that we're in need of.  From fixing our broken down cars to our broken down houses.  He makes things better and beautiful.  I love you dad. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The decision not to be pursuing a career in the working world was out the door as soon as my ears heard that very first screech of a newborn baby boy.  My firstborn son Leveni.  Nothing else was more important then me being home nurturing and nourishing my son.  I made up my mind then that I will not work until they are all old enough to attend elementary full time. 

A few years passed and more children were born, then I began to realize that one income and hubby's health issues just wasn't enough to meet everyone's need.  So every now and then I'd work but never for a long amount of time.  Here and there, a temporary job with temporary agencies until we moved here to Utah.  It was shocking and thrilling to find out that Utah, was THE capitol of mothers working from home and I've long cherished Utah since then.

So for eight years now I've been with the same company.  Working from home (part time) at night so all my days are completely free to be home, at the crossroads, whenever my kids are home or whenever they need me.  I firmly believe in the positive effect of parents, especially mothers, being home for their children.  If I'm not home, who is it or what is it that influences my children the most?

Now and then, I'd go to the office when I have issues with my computer system or training meeting.  It's nice to mingle with other people.  I think I'm ready to pursue a career now that my children are all full time out of the house for school.  While they're in school, I can be at work and then we'll all meet back at home in the evening.  I also think it's time for me to go back to school and finish the unfinished business that my brain is hungry for now.   

I've enjoyed being a stay home mom.  Even a work-from-home mom.  Tremendously.  I think I've done a pretty good job raising my children with my husband.  He's health has continued to decline so this  year, I need to step it up and pursue a career and go back to school to provide for my family.   

Monday, January 7, 2013

Beatiful Sunday

Sundays to me feel like these:

-A slow motion stroll along a rose garden feeling the warmth of a beautiful sunset on my face.
-Walking barefoot on a sandy beach, allowing the wind to ruffle my hair with cool breeze and untainted hope. 
- Like it's the end of the day and I'm making peace with myself, ready to take on another day.  It refreshes my spirit and warms my soul.  It's taking a break from the things of this fast and furious world, to bask in the love of God and my sweet Savior Redeemer Jesus Christ.

Each Sundays feel like a vacation at the end of a hard working week.  I'm refilling my cup, enfolding myself in the warm embrace of a loving Father and  being assured that "these too shall pass" and being told that "You can do it.  Just put your trust in me". 

I love Sundays.  When I was younger, I use to dread taking a break from the excitement of my daily world.  "Darn, here's Sunday and I have to go to church again!"  There was no where else to go but to church.  My parents made sure of that.  But growing up in the island of Tonga, where everything shuts down in the honor of God on Sundays, I already learned at tender age, that Sunday was a special day.  It was the day of REST.

It's the only day of total dedication to the Lord.  We go to church to worship and to learn about Him and Jesus Christ.  Then we come home and ponder on things which we have learned and also to count the countless blessing which He have blessed our lives with.  We have truly been blessed.  I am grateful for Sundays and will continue to be for as long as I live.  It's day of a very much needed and deserved rest in the glory of God.  It's a beautiful day. 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Starting With a Bang!

This year literally started with a Bang.  That bang is a result of a car crash.  My son Leli called while were putting new tires on my daughter's car, that he crashed his brand new car he just got about 5 months now.  A 2012 Jetta VW.  The only thing that mattered to me was that he is okay and not hurt from the crash.  It was a three car accident.  He was on the process of changing lanes, and while looking back over his shoulders, there was a car ahead of him who rear-ended another car infront so Leli ran into it.  The front car took off and they only got a partial license plate. 

Fortunately, he's got full coverage on that car but the car is not what's important to me.  What's important is that he is alive and well and I couldn't be more grateful to God for it could have been worse.  When he called and I hear his voice telling me he got into a car crash, I asked him if he's okay.  I love my Leli and all my children.  I don't think I can bear it if I get those types of phone call informing me that anything dreadful is happening to them.

Another welcoming surprise is that my daughter-in-law is pregnant.  I will be a grandmother this coming July and I am lost for words with excitement and joy.  "I AM GOING TO BE A GRANDMOTHER!!"  For five years they were unable to conceive.  We pretty much gave up hope on them.  My son, I think, got himself used to the idea of not having any children.  Well, the Lord has other plans so my beautiful Fusi, that's her name, is pregnant.  Sadly she's sick like a dog!  Morning sickness, throwing up and not keeping anything in.  She runs I.V. at home and have lost a grip of weight.  Pray that she'll be okay. 

So much for 2013.  It's going to be a SPECTACULAR year. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This Brand Spanking New Year

January 1st 2013!  Who would have thought?  Came across this quote which I thought was very much enlightening.  Because each end of the year, we don't have to look deep and far to see our faults and flaws.  It's all within there in the vastness of our own conscious minds like pins and needles.  We inspect, analyze and measure our failures.  In the process, we often fail to recognize the goodness within us.  All we see is our incompetence, inabilities and lousy dispositions.

 "We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room,
drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched.
Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to walk through
the rooms of our lives... not looking for flaws, but for
potential."      -- Ellen Goodman

What are my potentials?  Yes, I have so many.   I am good in so many things and in so many ways.     Some have been stowed away in the back burner just awaiting a lighter to set flames to them.   Some have been overlooked due to negligence and some very much forgotten because I have been distracted with the busy nothings of every day living.

This year, 2013, I will focus more on my potentials!  The possibilities are endless.  Every day, as we still live and breath, we have a chance to love more, serve more and touch lives and lift them up from whatever situation or circumstances they're in.  There's so much goodness, power and strength within every one of us that we can make this world and those we come in contact with, better.