Friday, January 18, 2013

Funny things they say or tell

Mele, who just turned 14 years old came from school yesterday and shyly admitted to me that this boy in school was hitting on her.  He approached her and asked:  "Did it hurt?"  Baffled by his question, she asked "What do you mean?"
"Did it hurt when you fell from Heaven!"
Laughing I assured her that boys will always throw out silly lines like that when they want to get attention from a girl.  She smiles and this girl's got big, humongous gorgeous eyes and continued, "Yeah mom, and the same guy said another thing to me again.  He goes, "Do you take karate lessons"  Which she answered "No" of course.  The he blurted:  "Because your body is kicking!"  Ba ha ha. What else would these kids come up with.

Children are always coming home sharing funny stories from school or places they go. 

Patiola, is not shy about anything.  She said "Mom, you know in my math class, I'm smartest when we do things in class and participating in the lesson.  But when it come to testing time, I always get an "F".  Patiola was born a month premature weighing in at only 5lbs.  Her Doctor said that she might be a little slow in school.  She has been in the Special Education program since first grade.  Now it's only certain subjects like Math that she's pulled out of her regular class for Spec. Ed. class. So it's no surprise to me when she tells me this. I call her "Papi"  (Puppy)  as that's my pet name for her. 

"The students around me always looks at my paper trying to get the answers off my papers.  I looked and them and mouthed:  Get you own answers!"
They'd beg, "Please we just need a little help."
So she lets them and  then when they get the test result, they pass the test and she flungs!
Then she went on in a loud voice "I think someone erases my answers when we pass the paper forward.  That's why I'm getting an "F"!
This girl kills me.  She's got an attitude the size of Texas too. 

11 year old Beverly always wear these headbands that I crochet, to school.  They come in different colors and I made some for Christmas to give away to their friends as gifts and now we have a bunch of leftovers so she wears them to school.  She came home yesterday and informed me that some of the girls in her school wanted me to make them some headbands.  She also said that she told them that it'll cost $3 each.  I'm thinking that this girl will be a great sales agent one day. 

Big Mo (16) is always saying:  "This girl in school likes me mom".  I'd questioned:  "How do you know she likes you?"  He'd say :  "Duh mom!  She's  always staring at me every time I look up".  LOL  I'm just glad Mahonrai is not girl crazy and doesn't even have a girlfriend.  Less headache for me 'cause I don't want to have to deal with girlfriends and boyfriends until they're old enough, like 18 or may be older. 
Thinking it was cool to give my Return Missionary son tips on dating I encouraged him:
"Son don't forget, date as many girls as you can so you can find out for sure who's the right one"
He looked at me, chuckles, shakes his head and replied:  "Mom your tips on dating are so outdated.  You
see, dating has become revolutionized since your days." 
His reply caught me off guard as I burst out laughing.  He just made me feel 1000 years old.  Ancient.  Then he went on: "It's an ocean of sharks out there mom.  Some of them can sniff the money in my pocket from miles away.  Plus it's not more of looking right now. It's more of a HUNT and sometimes mom, it feels like I'm the PREY!"  ROTFL
This guy is hilarious.  He's got some sense of humor.  Any girl who marries my Leli will be lucky. 


  1. You can get at least 8 for the headbands. :)
    I just bought one. :)

  2. Kids do say the best things, no matter what their age! Isn't it wonderful to have such a great relationship with our kids? My goal is to make sure that I stay close with my kids no matter how many years pass!

  3. I never heard the karate one-- that's pretty good!