Monday, January 28, 2013

Way too funny!

Yesterday morning, my husband was preparing one of our (mine and his) favorite delicacies, OCTOPUS, for dinner.   He had cooked it for a while and it was sitting on top of the stove waiting to be sauteed in Coconut milk.  While hubby was busy doing something on the computer, he asked our daughter Papi (whom I've written a number of posts about) if she could transfer the Octopus from the large pot to the small pot so he can use the big pot for the potatoes. 

Well, Papi, bless her heart, is afraid of anything smaller then her nose.  Flies, spiders, ants, moths and any bug that flies, crawls or moves. 
As she approached the pot, her eyes widened as she let out a disgusting squeal.
"Look mom, this thing has TESTICLES.  There are many of them!"
Her outburst caught me off guard and in a blurry state of mind I blurted out, "Isn't testicles suppose to be something nasty?"
My hubby, abandoning the computer came up to her and yelled,  "Those are not testicles, they are tentacles you idiot!"
It finally clicked on me what my daughter just said and I just couldn't help but laughed and laughed and laughed.  There's tentacles for ya!



  1. That is completely hilarious! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  2. Lol! That is pretty dang funny-- you should link it up with Proud Mommy Moments.

    Octopus is good but I have never cooked it myself

  3. Thanks for the laugh - out of the mouths of babes! Love it!