Sunday, February 24, 2013

Family Time

Because I haven't been able to leave the house this whole week due to my beloved Aunt Peta being sick, yesterday was such a welcoming change.  She was well enough for me to finally able to leave the house and see my two oldest sons, whom I missed so very much.  I imagine it's going to be the same way when the rest of my children will eventually leave our nest and make us empty-nesters.  That's the Inevitable.

Next year my youngest son Mahonrai will graduate from high school.  He will turn 18 and will be old enough to leave on a mission.  I miss him already!  These children are so full of life that there's never a dull moment with them.  With their constant fighting and bickering, to loud singing and laughter, then smothering me with kisses and hugs, most times I'm amused  and grateful, then there are those pothole moments where I wish they could have stayed asleep all day in their beds or SHUT UP!

The house is slowly coming together.  It's such a fun project when everyone puts in their efforts to help.  While we were toiling in cleaning, hammering and dismantling a fireplace, my son Leli walks in with a bunch of cereal boxes in his arms.  As always, he's like a ray of sunshine brightening our day when he comes around.  The girls almost doubled him over with hugs and I had to almost literally shove them out of the way so I can get my hugs in too.   He's used to this kind of welcoming when his sisters and I are around.

I said, "Man Leli, we hardly ever have time for a decent conversation anymore."  Anticipating his keen wits, he replied:  "We, young adult males do not have time to conversate with older women! We're too busy with girls our own age." 
"So I've been hearing from the girls about cancel dates and some scheming to break up a certain girl from her current boyfriend."  His voice boomed in laughter,  "How did you come to hear that?"
"The girls here told me.  I hear there's a (I mentioned various girls name)  Which one is it Lel?
"Non in particular because I like to leave my options open mom".

I treasure Family Time with all the children.  Whenever one is missing, they're great missed.  My husband often mocks me for openly displaying affections for my children.  It's not a very common thing among our Polynesian people.  We love greatly, but display of affections are not publicly shown.  My children often asks us, "Mom, why don't you and dad ever kiss".  My answer is always, "We're Tongans, we don't kiss in public".  Not even in-front of our children.

Earlier to-day, my two youngest girls were curious and they asked, "Mom where did you and dad first kissed?"  (Mind you, no normal Tongan children will ever ask this question to their parents).  My reply was short and to the point.  "On a bench."  Boy did that tickle their stomachs as they giggled and laughed.  "On a bench?"  That was it and that was too much information already for me.

But anyways, back to showing affections to my kids, my husband overhearing me telling my boys that I love them would often remark:  "How many times do I have to tell you to stop saying "I love you" to the boys before they become wussies.  They're men and you're too soft with them."  My husband sometimes reluctantly shows his affections to his children on special occasions.  However, his children never doubts his love for them because it's always there in the way he talks to them and the things he does for them.

This is one of those posts where I can't get enough talking about my children.  LOL.  I just love my family so very much.  

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  1. Interesting to read, this is what I enjoy so much with blogging - learning about other habits and traditions! Here in Sweden it´s quite different, but I think that as long as the kids know they are loved it will always be alright. :-)