Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oh boy, another birthday in the house

Oh boy, another birthday for this month in our home.  Three to be exact.  On the 4th was my Mahonrai, then my princess Beverly Shania.  Now, just yesterday, we celebrated my second to the oldest son Petueli.  He is an amazing individual.  We call him Leli.  Above is a picture of him and his sister Sisilia.  Those two have always been close.  We had so much fun last night making his favorite food for dinner and baking him his cake.  He thinks he's too old to blow out any candles, so he uses his hands to extinguish the flames.  I like to baby their birthdays because I know it annoys them to no end.  They think they're too old and too cool for birthday celebrations. 

I didn't get to see Leli until after 9pm last night.  He was gone to work before I woke up and I had to work and run errands to my Auntie Peta and my dad.  I came as he was eating his fish and manioke.  His cake looked like someone walked on it.  His sister Mele had the honor of putting the frosting on it and she totally ruined the friggin cake.  Nevertheless, we had not choice but to put on the candles and force him to listen to our singing the birthday song.  Afterwards, the whole family was on the ball in devouring all our favorite good old fashion, chocolate cake.  Yuuuuummmyy...


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