Thursday, April 4, 2013


So my Mahonrai Teancum  is seventeen to-day.  He is the last of the "MOHICANS!"  my
youngest son and he brings such joy to my life.  Easy going
boy and full of compassion and love for his family and friends.  This boy is like a walking Wikipedia.  He remembers everything he reads about and his knowledge of  World History is mind blowing.   Very bright and very distracted.

His little league coach nicknamed BIG MO.  To this day, many call him by this.  MO.  I can't believe he is 17.  On my wall is a picture of him running to me from his Kindergarten bus after his first day of school.  To-day he's 6'0 almost 250lbs.  His smile is infectious and he is such a big momma's boy.  This is Mahonrai with my father "Charlie".

 Mahonrai makes parenting so much easier.  His main focus is in school, games and sports.  Too immature to notice girls as of yet.  Too busy with games and Rugby right now.  Next year he'll be 18 and leaving on his 2 year mission.   Time sure flies.

Being last of the Toki boys in the family, he gets a bit frustrated with his two older brothers.  They claim he's too soft and spoiled but nothing can be farther from the truth.  This boy's got the strength of Samson and one thing I dread is that he doesn't have a brother closer to his age to grow up with.  My two oldest sons always had each others back.  They did everything together.  Mahonrai got his 3 little sisters and I just know they annoy him to no end.  He likes to boss them around because for a while there, he was the man of the house for dad was always sick. 

I love you Big MO.  Happy Seventeenth birthday.


  1. I hope he had a great birthday!

  2. Belated happy birthday wishes to him! It sounds like you have a wonderful son. :)