Friday, May 17, 2013

Her laughter

Her laughter is pure enchantment.  It brings hope.  It brings joy.  In the dark midst of my thoughts, all whirling like angry whirlpools in my head, I hear her sweet laughter from her room and all my dark thoughts, all my sadness and frustrations melt away.  It was stunning!  That one moment I was momentarily overwhelmed by all my troubles.  Then her light, joyful laughter drifted into my room like a cool breeze and stripped all my madness, worries and troubles instantly away.  Lightening my burdens and healing my heart.  It was an amazing experience.

My daughter Sisilia may never know it.  But the effect of her innocent laughter was like a light at the end of a very dark tunnel.  It just zaps me out of my miseries and made me smile from ear to ear.  Reminding me that life is about joy and laughter.  Not dwelling in our misfortunes and whatnots of every day living.  Last night I had a disagreement with my oldest son.  It weighed on me all night into the early hours of the morning.  Then she comes in late out of nowhere.  Probably watching some funny videos on youtube in her room and one simple burst of laughter escaped her mouth, had the power to practically dissolve what seems to be layers of my burdened heart and mind away.  I felt it and words just can't describe it.  But it literally left me in awe on how one simple little thing, such as laughter, can be life altering.

I love to laugh.  Sometimes it's hard to laugh through the uncertainties and miscellaneous disturbances of life itself.  But laughter is indeed the "best medicine".  Totally liberating and healing.  I love it.  My daughter just reminded me of something I haven't really thought about lately.  That we need to take more time to laugh out loud or laugh softly at that.  Find more things to do that makes us happy and joyful.  Nothing makes me happier then being around my children.

Last night though we laughed wildly over deboning chicken for the Rugby Banquet tonight.  Patiola was wrestling the dead meat to the ground trying to debone it and it was hilarious.  She swears in her life her future children will all be Vegetarians.  It started out with a bit of whining at first because it was late at night and here comes their father with endless boxes of chicken for Mahonrai to debone.  I had to get the girls to help him and my other son Leli before it goes on all night.   It was so much fun to hear them laugh and watch them work together.  Then they went shower and hit their beds all exhausted.

This morning as I'm blogging, I already feel that this day will be a beautiful day.  It didn't start that way but a simple and pure act of laughter pointed me in the right direction.  "Oh what a beautiful morning..." you sing the rest and have a fantastic day.  LOL. 

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