Monday, July 15, 2013

Chicken coop, dating and Sunday Program

Of all things that's been occupying our Summer, the children has been helping their father with building a chicken coop in the back yard.  Mahonrai, especially has been complaining about spending his time laboring in a chicken coop instead of real work that can give him spending money: 
"I can't believe I'm spending my summer working on a chicken coop mom.  Pretty soon we'll have chicken poop to deal with."
He's just off to football camp this morning so the chicken coop in on hold until he returns.  Hubby is set on eating natural.  Something about GNO or GMO taking over our world of dieting and eating.  He's also going to build a green house with tilapia and vegetables.  We'll see how those goes.

Last Wednesday Mahonrai went on his very first official group date.  "Mom, I am seventeen now, I can talk to girls."  Then he arranged for his very first date this girl Saane.  He's had a crush on her since their elementary days.  I made sure his sister Mele Vasiti chaperones him but he also took all his other cousins so there were about 8 of them all together.  I jokingly stated,  "Remember no hugging, no kissing and no monkey business!"  LOL.  Mele Vasiti however is as blind as a bat.  She won't know what's going on in front of her own nose 'cause she keeps loosing her glasses. 

As for the program this past Sunday, it was a success.  We talked and sang about "Standing in holy places". 
In preparing for my talk I came to realize that all our holy places linked and are somehow connected.  Our temples, chapels, our bodies and our homes.  However, our foundation and anchor begins in one place and one place only and that is within the four walls of our homes.  When our homes are in order, everything else will be in order.   

During song practices with the younger kids, I mentioned to them that we should just have them sing one song and have their oldest sister sing one song.  I couldn't believe the retaliation that fired back:
"Nooooo, we don't want her to sing.  She's out of the spotlight.  It's our turn to shine now mom."
"Shoot, her time is over.  Long gone.  It's our time now."
"And let her take all the glory, heck no mom."
 Ba ha ha.  Doesn't this sound like something on TV?  I couldn't believe my ears at what I was hearing.  These kids are killing me. 

Last night, everyone was gone to their aunt's house for movie night.  Only me and hubby was home and as I was closing up the house, I tippy-toed down the stairs in the dark and somehow miss a step and fell.  It's a wonder I didn't break my ankle because I'm a hefty 250 pounds.  I gave out a squeal and was sure my husband heard but obviously he was oblivious to everything except his movie that he was watching on his phone.  I picked myself up, check my ankle and thank God for supplements because they keep my bones strong.  As for my hubby, next time I'll pretend not to hear him whenever he screams in pain from gout.

The only disappointment I experienced this past week is that I didn't know American Idol was in town.  We totally miss the whole freaking audition.  My girls would have loved to go and audition.  May be next time.

Life is a bliss.  I love it.  I have been tremendously blessed.

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