Saturday, November 9, 2013

I'm Back

Three months of not blogging or writing of any kind.  Three months feels more like three years.  Three months of my darling husband being hospitalized and still not home yet.  This coming Thursday, he will finally be home and I'm back to blogging, journalling and writing again.  Gosh, but how I've missed it.  But these three months have been an awakening.  Not a rude one but more of a wise awakening to my senses physically, emotionally and spiritually.

So many things has happened.   From High School Football, to JR High Basketball.  Mahonrai's team is undefeated still.  Believe it or not, he has a girlfriend.  Her name is Allie and I loath her at first.  But then my heart melts and accept her because my son cares for her.  Beverly is the only 7th grader in the her school varsity Basketball team.   Leveni is busy with on the road gigs.  Sisilia and her boyfriend are going strong.  Mele, my right hand at home.  She's my greatest helper and her love for me shows no bound.  And then there is Leli, well Leli is who we all go to when we are short of money.  That son is selfless and silent.  But I would never mistake that for weakness.  He a silent tiger.  His heart is big and strong.  He's been our rock.

As for my precious granddaughter, Selamafi.  She's growing so fast.  Almost 4 months old and I love her.  I love her mom too.  My dearest daughter-in-law Fusi.  She is a sweet addition to our family.  We may no see eye to eye on everything but I still love her as my own.  As for my husband, he's been through so much with his health.  There were times where he thought he was going to go.  As for me I was always steady in my belief that his earthly and fatherly obligations are not yet done, so he's not going anywhere.  I count my blessings that he's still around.  In so many ways, I still need him so much and am glad that he'll be good enough to come home to us.

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