Thursday, January 9, 2014


I wonder what's to become of this generation where Technology has found a niche in the palms of their hands.  Instagram, Facebook, Vine, Youtube, iCloud etc has taken over the world.  Our children bends to direct their attention to the Social Medias of this modern days.  Scary, annoying, disturbing and very distracting.  I don't own a cell phone and I don't buy my kids any.  My thoughts on the matter is that, when they grow up and find a job, they can afford to buy themselves their own phones.  It's just one more expense that I can do without.

However in some mysterious ways, they come across an old cell phone of my husbands or one of my older children, charge it and wa la they can access their Social Medias as long as we haveWi Fi in the home.  They become deaf to calls, blind to instructions and oblivion to chores.  That's when I start exercising my lungs in yelling.  

My son and my daughter drives one hand on the wheel and one hand on their phones.   Shuffling through which song they want to listen to while they drive.  They have no clue that it only takes a few seconds to get into an accident.  I look around and see other drivers are doing the same thing.  It is pretty scary.

Our conversations are constantly interrupted by so many things now:   The ring of a call, whistle of a comment, different sounds to responds made on Facebook or a text message.  Rarely do we carry out a decent conversation uninterrupted by our iPhones or Cellphones.  Rudely we pretend like we're listening but our attention is drawn to whatever it is that came through on our phones.  So truly, this is a distracted generation.

Technology provides instant gratification and information.  It can be a positive thing and at the same time bares the opposite effect.   Everything in an instant of a second.  Sometimes I like it but when it takes over our time to distract us,than that is another matter.   When we sit around the living rooms of our home, it's chaotic because some is on their FB on their phones, one is playing game, the other is watching TV and there's no one to talk to.  There's technology for ya.  I end up watching TV even though I'd rather converse face to face.  

At the rate we're going with our "can't do without" technology, I see a crash is unavoidably going to happen.  Just like computers crash when it overloads with information, something is bound to happen sooner or later.  

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