Sunday, January 5, 2014

New year, not so new start

Back at the hospital again with my husband.  An unexpected mild heart attack brings us back again to the dreaded place.  At first we didn't think anything of  it, I wanted to make sure he's okay.  Paramedics confirmed my fear so we ended up being rushed to the ER and then later on admitted to a room.  Come this Monday, he will be going through Catheterization of the heart.  Something short of heart surgery or what not.
The reason for his mild heart attack brings a bitter flutter to stomach and a dull pain to my chest.  The more I think about it the more I want to forget it ever happened.  I am full of concern though for my children but I have to trust and have faith in the Lord that everything will work out well for all of them.   I don't have time to ask the "whys" and the "why nots".  All I can do is get up and move forward.  Endure my trials and tribulations with grace and hope.  Somethings I am no stranger to.

Half of 2013 was spent in the hospital.  Now the beginning of 2014 we're back at it.  To-day I had to take my baby Beverly to ER 'cause I was afraid she might have contracted some kind of virus in her throat.  My husband was upstairs on the fourth floor.  We were downstairs at the ER.  Gave me time to pamper my Beverly.  Something I haven't done in a while for I was always working, rushing or in and out of the hospital.  I have missed babying my baby.  She wanted me to massage her head and her feet.  I realize how precious my time is with my children and how I've missed that one on one connections with each of them.  Oh how I love them all

I am concern however about my son Leveni and his wife Fusi.  They are going through some turmoil in their marriage and I'm helpless as how to help them.  My granddaughter Selamafi on the other hand, brings us all so much joy.  I adore that little girl.   Every one loves her.  So vibrant and joyful.  She makes me smile when her little face lights up with recognition of people that surrounds her.  What a beautiful addition to our family.

Gosh but I have missed blogging.  Spilling my heart out with every letter lightens the burden that's weighing it down.  I love blogging.  I love the fact that I can get on any computer anywhere in the world that has internet and will be able to access my blogs.  I'm thinking of starting a fourth blog but spreading myself too thin through my realities and my blogs is not so appealing to me at this time.  Plus, I'm waiting to get my tax return so I can get a computer for the family.  Right now we're all just using cell phones.  Not that I have one.  I'm beginning to think I do need one.  Seriously.

This 2014 is so brand new.  For some reason I feel so old in it.  All because of my attitude so I'm straightening out my stature and snapping my head up high.  If I'm to be strong, I need to walk the part and quit whining.  This too shall pass.  The sun is shining outside and I need some of that sunshine in my heart.  Cheer up and get back into life.  I love it.  Happy New Year one and all.


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