Saturday, March 1, 2014

March 1st 2014.  Inhale...Exhale 2 months has already gone by in this not so brand new year 2014.  This month I will be turning 50.  Body is starting to get old but my mind is as wise as ever.  Truly time has flown by so quickly.  This year has been such a great challenge.  Coming from under my own roof.  Life with it's funny twists and turns, always unpredictable and forever trying.  The waves of trials comes in gigantic tidal waves yet who am I to give up and give in.  New days, new challenges and it can wear me down at times and then with God's mercy, I always get back up and keep moving, keep breathing  and keep smiling.

When I was a young mother, everything I did was for the benefit of my own children.  There were things where at the time, I thought I was doing right.  Just to discover that may be I should have give it a second thought.  But to change my past, would mean to change who I am to-day and who I am to-day, is a woman refined by her trials and strengthened by tribulations.  I love who I am to-day.  A woman, a mother full of love and compassion for her children and for others.  A woman of faith and a God loving woman.

This is why I miss blogging.  The chance to unload all my burdens and my delights on a brand new page meant only for me.  We are on the verge of another move.  In search of another home.  Our homes may change and perhaps more times then others, but I look at it as a new start and a new chapter in our lives. "Life gives us lemon and we made lemonade out of it".  There's no time for whining, no time for judging and certainly no time for anger.  Time is as precious as diamonds and gold.  That is all we have with our loved ones and ourselves.

Make it count.

Make it count.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring?  Only God knows.  For us mere mortals, this is just a temporary stop to where we're really destined to go.  I love, love, love my children and my family.   I love people, good or bad.  I love everyone.
I love you if you're reading this.

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