Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Life's Marathon

Since the last time I blogged, we've moved 2 times, worked 2 jobs and numerous, numerous hospital stays with hubby and my momma Peta.  To top it off, no computer at home and the non-stop challenges of every day living seems never ending.  One after the other of bombardment that got my head spinning but never for a moment discouraged.  Always better days ahead and like my new discovered passion comes by way of a man known as John Kehoe.  I've discovered creative ways to improve my mental health as that is what I fear, will be the first to go if I surrender to the pressures that I go through right now.  I believe God led me to John Kehoe to strengthen my brain and my courage. 

I am forever grateful for this life.  So beautiful and abundant.  God hath provided everything at our fingertips so we can be whatever we want to be and live as we please.  Everything is within our powers.

My Mahonrai graduated, thank God, from high school.  It was a long and hard road but it ended well.  Now he's getting ready to leave on his mission.  He has a girlfriend name Ali and she's as sweet as she looks.  So graceful and full of love for Mahonrai and for all of us. Hopefully, she'll wait for him until after his mission.  We all love Ali.

My Patiola has gone and got herself a job.  She pushes people around the airport and gets paid $5 per hour with tips of course.  I thought that minimum wage was $7 but this beats them all. 

Mele and Bev, to my surprise, signed up for the track and field in school.  Their cousin Nana got them into that and they did so good with their competitions.  Now, Mele is involved with volleyball and Bev is trying to get back with her old team.

My grand-daughter.  How can I not boast about this sweet addition to my family.  Her name is Selamafi after me and she is so beautiful and delightful.  We adore her and wait on her every time she's over.  We love her so very much.  Our family is growing.  The Marathon of life keeps getting better and better.  We trust in the Lord in everything that we do.  He is the master of our destiny.  We try to make the right choices.  Sometimes we make wrong and poor choices, but that's how we learn.

Things are looking up.  So funny how we always say the catchy phrase of a modern song that goes, "Started from the bottom now we're here."  Well we say it,  "Started from the bottom now we're still here".  LOL  Yes we may be still here, "at the bottom"  but we are so grateful for what we've been blessed with.  The gospel, roof over our heads, food on our tables and vehicles to transport us.  So much to be grateful for.