Monday, September 29, 2014

Where I've Been

Mahonrai had an outstanding football season.  Team went undefeated 14-0 (Bingham High School)  He got a big fat ring.  He also graduated this past June. He had his share of being hospitalized for his heart this past year, for irregular heartbeat but nothing major.  In and out of the hospital.


Sisilia got married on Aug. 6th in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple.  Her sweetheart is Semisi Pau'u.  Dancing with her father who had just recently got discharged from the hospital after months of hospitalization and rehab center for physical therapy. Emotions were high as he prayed to live to this day to 
witness  witness his oldest daughter get married in the temple.My family is growing.  We now have two grandchildren already.  Selamafi and Pitisi.  What joy these two gives me.  A hardworking daughter in law and a worthy son-in-law.  We are a rowdy bunch and at times seem outrageously dysfunctional and goofy but together we can hold our own. 

Big Mo got his calling to serve the Lord in the Charlotte, North Carolina Mission.  He leaves for the MTC on November 12th.  How excited I am for this son.  I know he's going to be a great missionary for he is a Spiritual giant.  Mahonrai Teancum Toki.  His grandma Peta turned 80 on Aug. 23.  and to add to everything else, my beloved Uncle George passed away right after my daughter's wedding in July.

Alas, my three youngest beauties!  Bev, Mele and Patiola.  8th grader, 10th grader and a Senior in High School.  They are all my PEARLS. 

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