Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Lord Always works in Mysterious Ways

Daily miracles every day and I am learning to be grateful for everything whether little or big.  My son Eld. Toki always urges us to live the Doctrine of the Gospel and Pray always for the things that we want.  He said that you have to be specific when you ask the Lord for things.  You can't expect Him to read your mind.  You've got to come out and say it straight to Him and He will answer our prayers.  What an inspiration he is to us and he continues to tell us to have faith but above all work for the things that we want. Faith and work go hand in hand.

The ways of the Lord are incredible.  He loves all His children.  We all pray for the necessities of our lives and he answers according to our needs.  For months now we have been searching for a house to rent.  The rental that we are in have been put up for sale so we have to find another house.  I have prayed fervently for a place to house our family and I have always been comforted that when the time comes, we will get a place.  The day before yesterday, my husband found a listing from KSL on a house.  He called on it and we arranged to meet for a showing.  When we pulled up into the driveway, we saw that there was a For Sale sign on the yard.  I asked my husband:  "Are you sure this is for rent or for sale".  He said it was up for rent.

We met the sweet owners of this house.  An old couple Ken and Iris.  Talked, gave them our information and the next day they called and said, they have been praying about it and the Lord has told them to rent us the house.  Their intentions was to sell, but it didn't go through and they were shocked when we called for a rental.   A beautiful home and they have no end date on the lease.  We can rent as long as we want.  But what a miracle that is.  They didn't bother to check our credit which we told them is not good but everything else checked out with my work and our rental history from our current landlord.  Lisa Marie.  She's an angel too because with Sione's health and our late payments, she still put in a good words for us.  I was amazed at how unconditional the grace of a loving Heavenly Father is.  That even with our many flaws and terrible failures, He still reaches out to me, to my family and provide for us.  I can't comprehend His grace for it is so overwhelmingly sweet to me.  I am grateful and everything I have, I am indebted to Him.

When one door closes, again and again, another door opens.  There's always a reason for everything that happens and we have seen the Lord's hands in our lives time and time again.  It's fascinating to me and I've learned to be patient and to submissive to His will.  I feel that I've been put through the test of refinery to teach me to be more patient, more kind and to open my eyes and be aware of the needs of others that cross paths with me.  I love His ways.

I have one son in particular that is more like an angel to us.  He watches out for us and takes care of us.  My son Leli.  He can so easily choose to get himself into his own place, but he dwells with us so he can help us being well aware of the condition his father is in.  He provides for his sisters and we all love him so much.  God has been so good to us.  So good and we are forever grateful.