Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dandelion Effect and Facebook

While I rejoice in reading good and happy things happen to people on Facebook, every now and then I come across some very unkind and cruel post about others that turns my stomach.  These are people that I know, not on a personal level, but acquaintances and friends nevertheless.

Gossips, rumors and hearsays are like that of Dandelions being blown to the wind.  It can not be gathered back to the stem it was hewed from and by being spiteful and vicious does not do any good to self and to others.  These cruelties are coming from Relief Society Women that claims to love Christ and yet fail to show Christlike love to others.  Women who attends church every Sunday and partake of the Sacrament and yet forget about them once they leave the chapel.  I can't comprehend how hard it is to refrain and discipline tongues and hands from firing words of unkindness, rudeness and crudeness to others.  To think twice and to realize these people are someone's mother, sister, aunt etc etc etc.  And that we are all sisters in Zion.

Anger and Malice are dangerous Vices.  Truths sometimes get exaggerated and stretched.  There's always two or three parts to every story but when vents and squabbles become ugly and brutal, then there should be a rethinking  and readjusting of temper and rage.  Not to allow the savage self to take over and blunder others with words that are painful and hateful.

I love Dandelions.  I love blowing on them and seeing these gentle tufts float up in the air.  They may be weeds but hey are still beautiful and gentle.  We should be so gentle, loving and caring as women.  Be sensitive to others and their different situations.  Don't be judgmental and easily offended.  Be forgiving and understanding.  Live the golden rules.  Like unto Us.  Be more kind.  Be kind. 

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