Monday, November 23, 2015

My son, Eld. Mahonrai Teancum Toki

Ending our Family Forum last night a call came in and it's a 704 area code.  We were about to say evening prayer so I decided to let it go unanswered and I'll call back after.  Already some foreboding feeling immediately settled in my heart as I am familiar with that North Carolina area code from work.

Sure enough, I called back and it was a Bro. Alexander informing that our son Eld. Toki was involved in a biking accident and was admitted to emergency with a head injury.  He had his helmet on but nonetheless, suffered an injury.  Of course knowing how heavy and compact he is, if he landed on his head then I'm afraid it was fatal.  I think every Missionary mom, in the back of their minds, naturally dread, receiving a call of this nature.  Bro. Alexander informed me that he is in stable condition.  He is alert but there is evident of blood outside his brain.  Luckily, no blood inside his brain but he is in the Neuro-surgeon floor and they are doing the best that they can to monitor and keep him improving.  He is in one of North Carolina's best hospital.

As parents, we are aware of all kinds of risks our children would be facing when they leave home to embark in serving the Lord.  Anything can happen.  We continue to pray endlessly night and day for all our missionaries to be safe.  Even with all our prayers, our children are not immune to danger, risks, accidents and even death.  It is part of life.  They do happen and the only thing that we as a family know best to do, is to fall on our knees in mighty prayer and fasting for our son.  We gathered all our family members and some extended family members and immediately sealed our fasting on his behalf.  Fasting has worked miracles in countless lives of people around me, family and friends.  When we need Heavenly Interventions in our lives, we go without food for 24 hours or however long we want.  So little time in comparison to the answer that will come afterwards.  We weaken our mortal bodies and draw our spirit in prayer begging the Lord for mercy and grace.  Everything is in God's hands now.  My son understands before he left on his mission that anything can happen and have accepted the fact that if he should die or if anything happens to him, he is okay with that.  We do too.

A few nights ago, I dreamt and saw my son Eld. Toki sitting up on his single bed.  He was dressed in white and his bed glowed in whiteness.  So as his whole being.  The only thing that stood out was blood on his chest.  He was just staring at me somehow dazed and I couldn't speak to him.  We just stare at each other.  On the other side of his room was his companion.  Sitting on his bed, same white sleeping clothes but he had no blood stain on his chest.   I woke up, knelt down and said a prayer for my son.  When I received the phone call, all I can think about was the dream I recently had.

It is Missionary Monday to-day.  I wrote my letter last night.  I don't know why I keep checking my email to-day knowing full well my son is in a hospital bed and won't be able to write me.  I live to read his emails every Monday and telling me about his week.  He's not the same boy that left last November.  He has definitely matured spiritually.  Tonight his mission President will call us and give us more detail.  We put all our trust in God that whatever will happen, everything will all work out.

We love our Eld. Toki.  He is an amazing individual.   He loves to sing and he always brings light and sweet melody in our home.  His father's right hand man.  Doing a man's work even when he was just a boy because his father was always sick.  He is so strong and courageous.  He can carry a Refrigerator by himself and in his first area they called him Eld. Refrigerator something.  LOL.  We're so proud of him.  Our Eld. Mahonrai Teancum Toki.  It's a great story of his namesake in the Book of Mormon.  We love and pray for him.

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