Tuesday, November 10, 2015


About two weeks ago we took in a foster.  His name is PJ.  I’ve given up the idea of having fosters mainly because the last two didn’t work out at all for our family.  But PJ, seems to fit right in from the very start.  The first time I met him I prayed for some kind of excuses to come up so we won’t have him come right away.  Anxiety from being foster parents was kicking in and I didn't really want to take him on.  My husband, on the other hand, after reading his profile wanted to help him.

He’s 16 years old.  Have had some run in with drugs and fights and after a few conversation with him, I realized that he has been to one home after another.  I can’t imagine the impact of being thrown into a family of strangers so suddenly.  No talks of who and where his father is, but his mother had abandoned them and is now living in Michigan.  She had gotten into an accident and was disabled so she’s living with her sister because she couldn’t take care of her kids.  Some of the younger kids has already
been adopted.  PJ lived with his 23 year old sister but she no longer wants him to live with her because she can not take care of him.

My heart breaks for PJ and children like him.  What boggles my mind is why the sister refuse to keep him.  I remember a long time ago when I was a young girl, we were swimming in the Ocean as we always do together as a family.  We didn’t have any life saving jackets and never knew about such things.  We learned how to swim by waddling out to the deep and we taught ourselves how to swim.  As the oldest girl I was always very protective of my young brothers and sisters.  This one particular day, the high tide was coming in and we were making our way towards shore when this one suddenly an extremely powerful current came and swept us further into the deeper part of the Ocean.  My little brother Sione Tuita was right by me.  I was way taller then him then and I knew that if I didn’t grab and hang on to him, he’d be swept deeper into the Ocean and will probably drown. 

As young as I was at that time, probably 9 or 10, I’m always one to remain calm and never panics when danger hits.  I grabbed his shirt and lifted him up making sure that his nose was up in the air so that he can breath.  I walked under the sea with my eyes wide open against the current praying that I won’t be swept into a deeper area.  Also making sure I’m heading towards the shore.  All I wanted to do was protect and take care of my little brother and to make sure he can breath.   It felt like I walked forever under the sea with my brother dangling over my head as I held him up with one hand.  It felt like it took an eternity before the current calmed.  I still remember that day as if it was yesterday.  The situation that Pastor Lewis is in, I would never let that happen to any of my siblings.  I will do everything as long as I’m alive to keep them.  I don’t know what grave situation his sister is in.  She lives alone in a 2 bedroom apartment, she has a car, she works, why can’t she allow him to stay with her.  He cried when he first came to the house.  He didn’t want to leave his sister, but what can he do when she doesn’t want him. 

Every time I look at PJ, I can not help but think about the sister.  I can understand the mother being disabled but the sister is able, I would never do that to any of my brothers or sisters.  We’re all adjusting now and I can say that PJ is already part of our family.  He’s willing to help in everything that we do and when we tell him something to do he does it. We enjoy having him part of our family and he doesn't want to leave.  He's a work in progress.  We love PJ. 

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