Saturday, November 14, 2015

Sister Time

Every time I visit my sister's house, she always tells me about her dreams.  I think I've mentioned before in some of my older posts, that she can see our dead relatives.  Especially my mom.  I yearn to see my mom but sadly, for some weird reason she only shows herself to my sister.  So last night, I visited with her and she was telling me a rather funny dream.

She saw that it was Judgement Day and as she was getting ready to pass through the gates of Heaven with her family, a man dressed in white came to them and pointed out a place for them to go.  She saw our mom came and helped her with the kids and the grandchildren and as they were about to leave, the man turned to her husband saying:  "You can not go now.  You're not ready."  My sister was devastated and shocked that her husband can't go with them.  What could he have done to be unworthy to enter Heaven with them?  Whatever sin he committed she said, "I can forgive".  But what had he done?  She was also under the impression that the only one that can save her husband was herself. 

Watching my mom lead her kids and grandchildren away, she turned around and instead of seeing just her husband, she also saw her son oldest son Zack.  Her grief was overwhelming that it woke her up from her dream.  She woke up her husband and explained her dream to him.  The only words that came out of his mouth was:  "See!  I told you I wasn't going to be happy in Heaven.  It's going to be so boring!  There's no football, no TV, no eating etc etc.  All we do is Temple work and work for the dead.  There's no fun in that.  I think I'd rather go to Hell".  As we were cracking up laughing my sister told me she said to him:  "Hell?  Hell where you'll burn forever and you will be running away from Satan who holds a pitchfork to your butt and poke you while you try to run away from him."

My brother-in-law Mo is a character.  He's so funny and one of the sweetest people I know.   It was fun catching up with my sister Lorna Linda.  Our visits are always too short for both of us.  Horror Films and Scary movies are her favorite shows to watch.  I get scared out of my wits when I watch her shows.  It doesn't scare her at all.  This is just one of the many dreams she shares with me when I visit.  I only saw my mother once and she was young and beautiful again.  My sister says the same thing.  Mom is not old at all.  She's young and beautiful.  My sister always reminds me of my mom.  I sure miss my momma.

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