Saturday, December 26, 2015


For the first time in history, my son Petueli introduced his girlfriend to us.  She is no stranger as I've known her since she was in high school through volleyball.  He's been in love with this girl since "forever" if I may say and to finally, finally see them together nearly brings me to tears.  Years ago before he left on his mission, they dated and since then, no one has ever captured my son's heart but Camilla.  It has always been Camilla from the beginning and I'm afraid, no one else will do for my Leli. 

When he returned from his mission, he attempted hooking up again with her.  There was some set back as  Camilla is a very popular girl.  She has many friends and her life was busy with traveling, work and friends.  I felt his frustration as he backed off but he was willing to wait.  I'll never forget when he said this:  "Camilla is too busy with living her life and her friends but I am a very patient man mother."  Leli has always have that sense of humor that eases even the most crucial situations and circumstances.  He's very focused and confident, willing to work hard for what he needs and what he wants.  I've never seen anyone so full of "patience" as I've watched him wait it out for Camilla.  Almost like a hermit, the monotonousness of his life.  LOL.  I feared he will remain single forever if Camilla didn't come around.

So last night, we finally got to meet her (not my first time though but theirs) at the hospital when visiting my mother-in-law.  It was a shocker because just when we least expected it, he throws a curve ball that almost floored us.  He brings in his girl.  Such a sweet feeling to see how happy and comfortable he is with her.  Camilla is a beautiful girl and they make one dashing couple.  I can honestly say, she is worth the wait for my son.  His face lit up when he's with her and boy, I've never seen him so proud and so content.   Then Grandma Sisilia took over the whole visit.  Just being herself and I love her for it.  So straightforward as she talks about temple marriage, having children and making blankets for their babies.  We laughed and laughed as she went on and on.  It was obvious my son had already warned her about his grandmother. 

Leli is a very private guy.  He likes his privacy and bringing Camilla to meet us means serious business.  I pray she won't break his heart.  I've tried to fix him up with some really nice girls but in vain.  He told me:  "I'm never going to marry someone my mother fixed me up with!"  I reminded him of Abraham and Isaac.  Some of the best marriages in the bible was fixed and arranged by parents.   

His love for Camilla though is not an uncommon love but an enduring love.  Their love story is not new but it is unique in their own way.  A very special love and I am ecstatic that Camilla has finally chosen to come around otherwise my son will be doomed to a lonely life forever without her.  He has been such a great blessing to us and I know he will bring great blessings to his own family one day.  His sister Sisilia though has her doubts.  I already love Camilla because I've known all along that my son loved her for a long long time now and still do and will continue to do so.    

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