Saturday, February 6, 2016

Piano Lessons and Second Chances

For years I've been contemplating teaching piano lessons.  Never had the confidence and I keep wondering if this new self-confidence and boldness comes with old age and questioning why I didn't have it before.  I started my first lessons this past Wednesday and it wasn't as scary as I always imagined it would be.  I'm going through a phase in life that almost feels like a redemption state where I'm being given a second chance to do everything I've ever wanted to do.  I'm glimpsing at a very faint light at the end of the tunnel being aware that this mortality is ending sooner then I expected.  As a young girl, I felt as if this life is so long and dragging.  Now as a middle age mother and grandmother, time is no longer my friend.  I'm pressed for time and it's running out on me.

Being a grand-mother makes me see what I lacked before as a mom.  Being older and wiser allows me to see more clearly that without faith and total dependency on God and His son Jesus Christ, the impossibility of it all can be overwhelming, tragic and lonely.  My relationship with God and Jesus Christ is my lifeline.  This life journey can sometimes pull you away from them but when you acknowledge their hands in everything in this world, then your very existence is assured and that is when you can find true joy in everything and every situation even your trials and tribulations.   That happiness doesn't depend on any material things, that happiness is a state of mind and it is available and not limited to anyone no matter where you are and what you have.

This Piano Lessons is teaching me more about myself and how incredible our minds can be.  How much we take for granted this power that we already possess.  That old and familiar quote:  "You are what you think you are", nails it completely.  Once our minds are made up, nothing can be impossible and with God's help, the possibilities are endless. 

I am forever grateful for my upbringing and my heritage.  My faith and the immense joy and peace that comes with it.  I know that this gospel of Jesus Christ is what keeps me steady and focus to endure my afflictions with grace and acceptance.  Whenever I face a difficult and complex situation, I can face it with a smile on my face and bright hope that  "this too shall pass".  I've said it before and I say it again.  There is no use kicking and screaming, whining and murmuring in regards to our trials the obstacles that comes our way.  Endure well your afflictions, don't loose faith and you will see, everything will fall into place.   I live gratefully and lovingly each and every day.  Everything I have are truly blessings that comes from a loving Father in Heaven and my Redeemer Jesus Christ.

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