Thursday, April 21, 2016

Social Media

As much as I enjoy Social Media, I have experienced the down side of it.  Technology is astounding in the many ways it has improved communication, transportation and improvisation of the way we live in general.  But the down side can be equally as devastating especially when it's placed in the hands of irresponsible teenagers and adults as well.  When my children asked if they can create a MySpace (that is so old and seems like eons ago) and Facebook, I didn't mind because I had one and I could monitor what they do.  Then out of the blues come Snapchat, Instagram and Musically and I find I could not keep up with monitoring.  Its sucks because with everything else that is going on in my life, I didn't grasp the seriousness of not keeping track of these apps as we have been warned by our Leaders every General Conference. Well, let's just say that because I failed to pay attention to these things, what I discovered almost made me want to pray for a lightning bolt to strike down my two youngest girls.  Almost.

May be it was a way God was showing me He loves me and loves my girls.  He's giving me a chance to pay attention to what is going on under my very nose with these two.  They forgot to log out of their Snapchat accounts that led me to discover the horrendous activities that has been going on in their chats with certain friends and people and what has really been going on in the lives.  All I could think of was:  "Where did we fail as parents?"  Oh, I think I know.  It's probably from not paying attention to the small details of our very own family life and marriage.  Not doing the basics that is required by the Lord and to build a solid foundation for my children.  Especially the two younger ones.  Yes, I can point my finger at my children but sadly, 4 of them are pointing back at me as a mother. 

We had them delete their Snapchat, Instagram and Bev still had her Musically.  Of course I logged into that and found some of the songs these kids are doing are totally crappy, vulgar and degrading.  Had her delete some of the songs that swears and put up the middle finger.  SMH.  Now I just need to have her delete it altogether because the second time I went in to monitor her Musically, I couldn't find her.  Mele said she put hers on Private.  What the heck?  I have to put my foot where my mouth is with these two girls.  They are shady as Hell!  If they want to do a Musically, they can do it on Pati's account.  Pati seems to be the only one responsible enough to have any of these things.  My auntie Mele Massey had to dye my hair the Saturday before because Grays were taking over and I think my two youngest daughters turned my crown Gray overnight.  Oh the agony!!!