Sunday, May 15, 2016

Selfie Controversy

So for the first time in the midst of this "SELFIE" era, I was bold enough to take a selfie and post it on FB.  I've always wondered how it's like to take your own picture and not seem vain, egotistical and obnoxious.  I mean, it was okay for me to see other people do it, but when I do it, that is exactly what it would feel like.

Well, yesterday I wanted to eliminate any kind of filterations or alterations.  I just wanted a raw, natural look that shows that I am a confident, self assured woman.  That I am aware of my strength as a woman and really don't need make-up or hairstylist to boost my confidence.  So I took a couple, chose one and post it.

Before you know it.  I got a lot of "likes" instantly and a lot of kind comments from my FB friends.  I also got demanded by my darling husband to remove my selfie post from FB because it looks inappropriate.  I was actually shocked that he thought this way but then again looking at my messy hair, I think I kind of understand where he's coming from.  However, I've never been one to be pressured with demands and if he wanted me to remove my selfie, I needed better reason then being inappropriate.  I told him that's not a good enough reason to take my perfectly innocent post off the FB.

So, at about midnight, someone in the family deleted my post from FB.  Since it wasn't one of my children that deleted it, I can only assume it was my hubby that deleted it.  It was hard to tell who was lying since everyone has access to my FB account of all our phones and tablets.  Because my blog can not be accessed by anyone else in the family but me, I decided that I will prolong my very first selfie in history right here.  LOL.