Monday, August 15, 2016

Almost Empty Nesters

My heart is heavy just thinking about becoming empty nesters with my Mr.  Almost all the kids are gone.  I only have two at home.  My Papi and my Leli.  In a couple of months they will both be leaving.  Pati on her mission for 18 months and Leli will be married and a goner he will be.  It pulls at my heartstrings because already, I miss all my children so very much.  It's funny because while striving to provide and take care of my family, here and there I was pretty anxious for them to hurry up and grow up and leave the house.  Then there comes a time where, I wish they'll stay forever.  Now, one by one they leave and as much as my heart clings to them, I have to let them go.

Tears brink to fall all the time when I think about each and everyone of their faces.  Their beloved faces.  Where has time gone?  I ask this all the time.  Yesterday they were but my babies, nourished from my breasts and raised with so much love.  Where has time gone?  Again and again I ask.  It's as if I blinked my eyes and already they're all grown up.  I cling to sweet memories because that is all I have left.  Sweet memories of my babies.  I know they'll come back every now and then to visit, but change is coming and it's inevitable that I will be alone with my darling husband just the two of us just like how we first started this family.  However, we both know that our lives have been decorated and blessed by our very own children and grand-children.

Who knows what the future will bring?  We can only "hope" for the best and put our complete trust in God's hand.  For ourselves and our children.  Even people everywhere for every soul deserves the best.  I can hope that my children have learned some important things about life from me.  That I have taught them what they need to go forth and be productive citizens and people.  To love God and trust Him in everything that they do.  That they will never turn their backs on God and family.  That they may be kind to others and be forgiving and tolerate others.

I pray that my children will learn to love others unconditionally and always to be kind.  I don't ever want them to settle.  They have to keep chasing their dreams no matter what it is.  One day I'll be gone and I'd like to think I've left a rich legacy of faith and love behind with them.  To continue to live and love life because you only live ONCE.  Life is to have pure joy and many times our trials and tribulations can suck the joy out of us, but they have to remember always, that those moments shall pass and there will always be a rainbow at the end of the storm.

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