Sunday, August 7, 2016

God's Love

This week's email to my missionary who's serving in Charlotte, NC.

Hi son,

Just thought I'd send you an email about a very interesting experience I had last Thursday. It's still fresh on my mind and I'm afraid if I don't write you about it I might forget altogether.
Driving up to Park City through Provo canyon we had an incredible view of the magnificent mountains and waterfalls that left me breathless and in awe at the beauty of it all. Nature never fail to sing God's praise and His infinite wisdom. I don't know what it was but I was just overwhelmed to tears taking in the thought that everything He created was for our joy. I cried. As insignificant as we may seem (for from dust were created and to dust we will return), we are literally His children. My heart opened up for the very first time in my very existence to finally comprehend the immense love God has for all His children. It was amazing as if my whole being broke free from this mortal body and I can feel my spirit connected with love to every single human being under the sun. I've often wondered how could God love every single one of His children but now I can finally comprehend it. It may be a fraction of how He loves but boy, it set fire to my soul. Words can not describe the depth of love I felt.
It really doesn't matter who were are, where we are in life, poor, rich, sinners or righteous, black, brown or white. He loves us all the same. He loves us unconditionally. His love is pure and complete and knows no boundary. Not one soul is lost to Him, His all knowing eyes sees all of us for who we are and still He loves us. No one is beyond his reach. When our hearts comprehend God's love, we are no longer strangers but friends, our human race.

Isn't that remarkable? It made me understand that we can say one to another: "I don't know you, but I love you". You don't have to know anyone personally to love them and whether they are bad or good, you love them despite their weaknesses and shortcomings. His love embraces all and welcomes all. He loves us enough to allow us our free agency and even when we fail and make wrong decisions, He is always there to love us. He is with us in our tragedies and our sorrows. He is with us in our trials and tribulations. Come what may, He never leaves us. It's only us that leaves Him.

On your mission you are able to learn more about God's love and the reason why He sends missionaries out. You will experience it if you open up your heart and allow yourself not to limit the way you love to how you perceive a person. You love for the sake of love because that is how our Father in Heaven loves.

I just thought I'd share this with you son. Every now and then in this life you'll have a "WOW" moment and this was one of them for me. This life is amazing. God created everything in this world to give us joy. It's how we live it and how we love that will truly provide us that fullness of joy.

I love you son,


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