Monday, November 28, 2016

Mahonrai Teancum Toki

Everything about my Mahonrai Teancum is amazing.  From the moment he hopped off the plane to this day, I'm amazed at the transformation that God and Christ have done in his life.  No longer a boy but a man with a purpose and a passion.  He loves the Lord and he finds joy in God's plan of Happiness.

Last night blew my mind.  We sat in a circle in our TV room going over a familiar problem with our dear beloved Beverly Shania.  Different people but typical circumstances.  Before the meeting last night though, we had talked to her another night before last night.  We had called her over and talked to her in the room and my husband being the loud and extremely critical person that he is, was beginning to warm up with his eyes flaring with anger and voice harsh and yelling.

I heard footsteps running in the hallway.  I knew it was Big Mo.  He was watching TV in the Living Room and must have heard his dad's voice.  He halted right outside our bedroom door, knocked and then opened the door.  His dad seeing him, calmed down a bit but continued with lashing out at Bev..."You made a mess of things, made a mess here and now making a mess of there with Silia and Misi.." Before his sentence finished, Mahonrai interrupted, "No dad", his face showed so much compassion for his sister.  He walked in and knelt before his sister who was sitting on our bed-bench.  "You didn't make a mess of anything Bev".  He took her face and looked her in the eye and said, "What we need here is progress Bev, progress".  He talked to her about discipline and other things and I couldn't help but be so proud of him and how mature he has handled the situation.  So unlike his father who would always, always resolve to criticizing, cutting down and wounding the precious heart of our beloved children.

Last night as we sat with Misi and Silia, myself and Sione and Bev.  On and on these three poured out their minds and their concerns about her and this situation that she has managed to get herself into once again.  All I could do was watch and will my baby the power to be able to correct her ways. On and on they went, round and round, same things said over and over and over.  Bev was bawling and I could just sense the sadness of her realizing the consequences once again of her bad choices.  Mahonrai was standing the whole time listening in from the hallway, shaking his head in disapproval at what his dad is saying to her.  He finally came and sat down and poured out his heart to all of us.  Basically stating, that everything we say means nothing to Bev is she can not feel any compassion from us towards her.   Then he went on, in the most loving way, talking to his sister once again in the manner that I saw him do that one night last week.  Everything he says was base on the love of Christ and how there need to be a change because this is a gospel of change and change unto repentance.  In a loving way he showed his sister how much he loves her and still urges her to make that change and to repent.

When Sil and Misi left, Bev was crying even more because she wanted to go home with them.  Her father was getting even angrier because she was crying.  He started yelling at her and Mahonrai came and got Beverly from the chair and took her into Grandma Peta's room.  Sat her down and once again got on his knees, hold her face and talked straight to her eye to eye.  He said many things to her and then got up and said that he will give her a blessing.  I was at awe once again at his boldness and the way he trust that the Lord will help Bev, by giving her a blessing.  I couldn't help but cry with joy as I witness one of my sons having so much faith as well as magnifying the power of his Priesthood.  After he gave Bev a blessing he came and asked his dad if he could give him a blessing too.  He gave him a blessing and then came and hug Bev and me.  I was so impressed with the respect he still has for his father.  I remember earlier this year, my son Leli, having misunderstood the things Sione said to Bev, came right up to his father and they went at it face to face.  Sione's ways has pushed the two older boys far from him.  They distant themselves from him but here is the youngest Mahonrai, showing respect still and love for his father, even though he is aware of how he is.

Proud as I am of this son, I pray that he will continue to be wise and loving.  When I picked his name, I wanted him to be just like his namesake because Mahonrai was a mighty man that loved the Lord and that the Lord loved him.  He was God fearing and as I always tell my son:  "The Lord always answers Mahonrai's prayers because he would never ask anything that contradicts the Lord's will". My Mahonrai Teancum is a mighty man for such a young age.  He makes me want to be a better mother.

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