Friday, December 16, 2016

Family brings us true Joy

I love my family.  I'm speechless when it comes to my children.  The immense love I have for them.  When they're unhappy, unsatisfied I want to make it all better for them.  My son Mahonrai said something very enlightening in our Family gathering this past Wednesday.  Something like, "every one of us can make use of the strength from all the members of the Godhead."  That we can have a special relationship with each member of the Godheads.  With Heavenly Father, who watches over us and blesses us each and every day.  With Jesus Christ who ransomed us.  Who gift us with the Atonement by his death and his blood that we may return back home to Heavenly Father.  And, with the Holy Ghost who is that great comforter and the voice of warning that helps us differentiate between right and wrong.  All of the Godheads can work for our individual benefit.  Something so vital and significant that I learned from my young son.  How is it that I'm so old and never thought of this instead of thinking of all three as a whole.  The gift of life and living is magnificent and important.  I take for granted the blessing that I have through this mortal body.  That our time here on earth with our families are limited and special.  That we should make the best of each and every moment with them.  That there is no time to be held back with grief, sadness, anger, criticism and hatred.  Yes, we will experience these things every now and then, but we need to learn to always move forward, overcome and progress.  The older I get the clearer my views are on how we need to make progress.  I'm talking about progress with our relationship with each others and how we serve and love one another.  Progress in building the kingdom of God and progress in helping his children.  As different as we are, we know what we need to do to achieve the level of progression that makes us happy and others happy.

Despite the downward spiral that our family experienced this past week with Beverly, I realize that together as a family we can lift each other up.  That together we can do anything.  There's still so much to learn as a mother and I love the lessons that life teaches me.  It's never ending.  There's always something to learn.  WE can not learn them all in this lifetime.  I know this for sure.  What I'm especially grateful for is the way I can bring my children together, even when they each have their own homes and lives to live.  We can all take time to make time for family.  That is the secret to having happy families is to "make" that time for each others.  There's going to be disagreements, arguments etc. but we mend our differences by being kind and respectful to one another.  Most of all, love unconditionally towards one another.  That is the secret to having a happy family.

Our family is growing and expanding.  If my children learn to build their foundations upon Christ and Heavenly Father, they will experience true joy in this life.  Happiness comes only when we put God first in our lives  Without that firm foundation upon God and Christ, chaos can destroy us and sadness will overcome us.  Life is to have joy and the fulness of joy only comes with God as our captain and our anchor.