Saturday, February 18, 2017

From the mouth of Babes

You never win when you argue with a toddler.   My 3 year old granddaughter is always up to mischief and you'd think after having 7 children, I'd developed the patience of Job.  I thought I had but now I realize I haven't.  There's a need to though because my granddaughter said to me, while in the heat of arguing back and forth over what we each need to do that,  "You need to be patient.  You need to be patient grandma".  I couldn't believe my ears.  What does a 3 year old know about "being patient" anyway?  I was speechless and my mind was reeling.  I need to change!

Selamafi is 3 going on 30.  She's a burst of energy and as strong as an ox just like her father when he was her age.  Our house comes alive when the two of them are over.  Selamafi and Pitisi.  I'm at awe with the amount of energy they have and it's exhausting just watching the two of them.  They are here and there and everywhere.  Little feet running non stop and little voices squealing with joy as they brighten our home with laughter and life.   Whenever it's quiet and still, I know they are up to something.

That "something" ranges from all of these:
     * wetting the toilet paper in the bathroom sink
     * pouring any lotion they find all over their body
     * smearing food all over the table
     * tearing up important papers into pits and pieces
     * spilling left over peanuts out of the can and spreading it all over the rug
     * throwing all the pillows for my couches on the floor and jumping on it 
The list goes on...

An inevitable conclusion is drawn and that is, I need to be fit to keep up with these two gals.  As I mentioned in my earlier post, I haven't even started my "new year" resolution and it's almost the end of February.  Now, I find that I can't keep putting it off.  My granddaughters need to me to be at my best energy and I need to take care of myself.  Not only physically, but mentally and spiritually.
"You need to be patient", says a lot of things about me and who I have become.  As much as I love life, if I don't take care of myself, I wouldn't be living life to the fullest as we're suppose to.

Being a grandmother is so wonderful.  I love being a mother but I have more fun being a grandmother.  Perhaps it's because I don't have them 24/7.  LOL.  To be honest I'm exhausted when they're over but when they leave, I miss their little faces and the sound of their sweet voices.  The Sunday before this past Sunday, the ever so onary Pitisi had to take my face in her two little soft and gentle hands and shake it.  She was a bit frustrated that I didn't understand what she was trying to say to me.  After a few attempts to tell me, "Mom, the dost."  I thought she said "those".  We were at their aunt Nini's farewell eating over at the other grandparents house and I was sitting by the sliding door with my back to it.  Tisi wa on my lap and she kept pointing to the outside, "The dost, the dost is going to eat me!"  Then she reaches with her little hands to the right side of her neck and open her little mouth to show me white little teeth as she imitates the act of biting.  Like someone is trying to bite her neck. I thought that was weird.  Then I figured it out.  She's actually saying, "ghost".

What the heck?  Who's been scaring this little girl.  I had to open the sliding door and walked with her outside to show her, there is no "ghost" and she doesn't need to be scared.  "See, there's no ghost". She said, "yes, it's over dere"  pointing to the other side of the yard.  "No" I said, :there's nothing there".  Then she points to the other side of the yard where there were logs lying on the ground, "there, the dost is there!"  I took her and showed her, they were only logs and not ghosts.  She seemed to be satisfied so we return to the house.  It was just so funny that she had to emphasize her "dost" by shaking my face with her little hands and acting out the biting with her mouth.

There's so many things I want my grandchildren to be.  I just want the best for them.  The most important of all is that I want them to know that God lives and that He watches over them.  That they are never alone in this world no matter where they are or whatever situation they are in.  That with God, nothing is impossible.  I learn so much about myself by being a grandmother and I have been reminded by my beloved Selamafi that I need to "patient".  I'll never forget it.

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