Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Senior Prom: We're NEVER going to wear dresses like these AGAIN!

Senior Prom was this past Saturday.  There was a lot of discussion over my two girls Prom dresses.  I allowed them to both pick their own dresses hoping they would pick to be modest and a little reserved.  Lord knows we've taught them modesty their whole life. Well, once the amazon box was delivered at the door and I looked into my Mele Vasiti's phone, I knew she had order the one dress I didn't want her to order.  I was so disappointed but I held my tongue and allow them to wear what they chose.

Then there was 16 year old Beverly, who is as stubborn as a bed's spring board.  She chose a skin tight body suit  like dress with spaghetti straps.  I was going to get both of them some kind of shawl or something but we just didn't have the budget for it. So, we ended up with them going as they are, skin and all.  My eldest daughter remarked: "This is double standard mom.  How could you let them walk out of the house looking like this?" I thought to myself, boy will I be judged by a lot of people because it is indeed double standard.  That I teach modesty in dress and yet, allows my girls to dress so immodest.  I remembered when my eldest went to her own Senior Prom. Her dress was modest and she had a little jacket to cover her strapless gown but I got the shock of my life when I saw her remove her jacket and took her Sr. Prom picture baring her chest!  I was furious.  So through the years, I loosen the rope I have around my children and give them room , especially the younger girls, to choose.

They admitted to having so much fun at the dance but they also came in and admitted to me that same night, that they'll "never were dresses like these again!"  My heart sang hearing their admissions.  They said they were uncomfortable and self conscious through out the whole dance and they admitted that their dresses were immodest and  inappropriate.  Both of their boyfriends did not agree with their dresses too and when their brother Mahonrai saw their dresses he exlaimed: "Why show so much skin!"  Don't you guys know that "Modest girls are the Hottest".  LOL.

Being a mother brings me so much joy.  My children are my world and they complete me. It's not easy being a mom especially when face with decisions and choices your children make.  It's as if every choice they make defines the type of mother I am. There's a lot of self blame and finger pointing at myself.  But, I also have to realize that I can teach my children all the things that I need to teach them, yet, they are the ones that will have the final saying in the choices that they make.  They can either choose to obey or disobey.

This was Mele's last High School dance.  Bev will have 2 more years and I already know she will make good choices when it comes to Prom Dresses.  These two are a handful. I love them so much.

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